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Saddle Horse Report’s 14th Annual World’s Champion Sire Rating

1. Supreme Heir
(Supreme Sultan x CH Supreme Airs by Stonewall Supreme) 242

2. Callaway’s Blue Norther
(CH Will Shriver x Royally Blue by Royal Rambler) 98

3. Radiant Sultan
(Supreme Sultan x CH Glenview’s Radiance by Oman’s Desdemona Denmark) 88

4. CH Caramac
(CH Will Shriver x Stonehedge Vanity by Vanity’s Sensation of Crebilly) 75

5. Merchant Prince
(Mountain Highland Memories x CH Buck Creek’s Precious Princess by Glen Grove’s Lord Vanity) 72

6. Sultan’s Great Day
(Supreme Sultan x Supreme Casindra by Stonewall Supreme) 59

7. CF First Night Out
(CH Night Prowler x Happy Twenty-First by New Yorker) 53

8. Phi Slama Jama
(The Karankawa Chief x Wild and Lovely PH by Hide-A-Way’s Wild Country) 50

9. Periaptor
(CH Courageous Admiral x Eliana by Classic Stonewall) 46

10. Harlem Globetrotter
(New Yorker x Putting On Airs by Mr. Magic Man) 41

11. Roseridge Heir
(Madeira’s Gift x Cedar Creek My Red Rose by Ridgefield Heir) 35

12. Santana’s Charm
(Sultan’s Santana x Vanity’s Belle by Vanity’s Sensation of Crebilly) 33

12. Talent Town
(CH Yorktown x CH Chantilly Rose by Denmark’s Bourbon Genius) 33

13. CH Man On The Town
(CH Yorktown x CH Chantilly Rose by Denmark’s Bourbon Genius) 32

13. Family Jewels
(Grape Tree’s Fox x Priceless Gem by Vanity’s Sensation of Crebilly) 32

14. CH The King Of Highpoint
(Sultan’s Contract x Indiana Flame by Indiana Peavine) 30

15. General Steel
(Penny’s Superior Stonewall x Joyful Delight by New Yorker) 28

16. Fox Creek
(Grape Tree’s Fox x Gold Star’s Ballerina by Stonewall’s Main Event) 24

16. CH Harlem Town
(Harlem Globetrotter x CH Town Dance by CH Yorktown) 24

16. Sultan’s Collector’s Item
(Supreme Sultan x Georgie’s Miracle by Duke Of Stonewall) 24

17. Desert’s Supreme Admiral
(CH Courageous Admiral x Desert’s Queen Anna by Sultan’s Santana) 22

18. Catalyst
(Manhattan Supreme x Lakeview’s Captured Angel by CH Superior Odds) 21

18. Harlem’s Hot Dice
(Harlem Globetrotter x Dice Girl by Genius Bourbon King) 21

18. Supremacy’s High Time
(CH Albelarm Supremacy x Best Odds by Stardust Acres Admirable Odds) 21

19. Arrowhead Chief
(CH Yorktown x The Wild Irish Rose by Genius Bourbon King) 20

19. Rare Treasure
(CH Superior Odds x CH Penny’s Stonewall by Stonewall Supreme) 20

20. Reedanns’ Top Gun
(Stonewall’s Main Event x Yorkshire Pudding by New Yorker) 18

20. Sultan’s Royalty
(Supreme Sultan x Starlike by CH Wing Commander) 18

20. I’m A New Yorker
(New Yorker x Sentimentalist by Denmark’s Bourbon Genius) 18

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