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Saddle Horse Report Delivery Update

We would like to thank the many subscribers who have assisted us with giving feedback on delivery times of their Report. James Drummer, Senior Plant Manager, with the United States Postal Service in Nashville, Tennessee and his team have used that feedback to make some process changes and we have experienced a significant improvement in delivery times in many areas of the country.

We are not finished however. We are still seeing delivery delays in the Northeast and on the West Coast, and we would like to ask subscribers in those areas to continue to email Christy Howard Parsons at with the dates that their Reports are delivered in an effort to improve upon our delivery times to these regions.

Any subscriber who experiences a problem with their delivery is encouraged to send their information to that same email. With your help, we will be able to work with the US Postal Service to bring you the most complete coverage in the industry delivered right to your door in a timely fashion. Of course, we also encourage you to consider the online upgrade where you can see every page of the paper in addition to the many exlusive features on our web sites.

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