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Saddle Horse People ‘Raise the Woof’ for a Good Cause


Mary Gaylord McLean’s auction topping

bid for a stained glass replica of a window

in the future sanctuary. She will name the

window in honor of her dog, Annie.


Saddle horse enthusiasts put their money where their hearts are after Friday night’s performance at the Shelby County Fair. Following the last class, many adjourned to Claudia Sanders Dinner House for the inaugural gala fundraiser to benefit a new program of the Shelby County Humane Society. They joined a group of more than 400 people who raised an estimated $100,000 for the proposed animal sanctuary at the ‘Raise The Woof’ party. Organizers plan to make this an annual event following the Friday night performance of the Shelby County Fair Horse Show.


The shelter, scheduled to break ground in the spring of 2008, will offer a small emergency equine rescue facility as well as a more traditional one for dogs, cats and other animals.


Humane Society Board Members Maureen Jenner, Betty Kregor, Mary Gaylord McLean, John Scheidt and Phillipa Sledge gave liberally of their time and enthusiastic support, helping draw their friends and peers to the event. Lesson packages from several area barns, a box at the Lexington Junior League Horse Show, carriage ride with the Walnut Way Friesians, services of Val Web Creations and a $200 gift certificate from Dale Becker of Becker Brothers LLC highlighted the silent auction.


The live auction brought brisk bidding, with Jim Price’s banter helping raise prices. Mary Gaylord McLean earned the right to name a portion of the facility by purchasing a replica of the stained glass that will be part of the shelter’s entrance. David Jampsa and Kris Schones donated a breeding to Undulata’s Nutcracker. The initial bidding reached $10,000, after which the two donated a second that brought in an added $8,500. A day with Carson Kressley and Don Harris, an early 20th century American painting of a horse, exclusive trips and an early American horse painting helped swell the live-auction receipts.


Joining their horsy friends who serve on the Board were: Moe Anson, Rob Byers and some of the Premier Stables’ staff, Jo Cornell, Cheryl Friedman, Terri Kearney, Avis Girdler, Gail Kline, Betty and Mark Kregor, Charlotte Kurz, Dannette Mussellman, David and Lauren Osborne, Judy and Tom Ottinger, Chris Reiser, William and Elizabeth Shatner, Don Spear, Ryan Stodd, Doug and Rachel Vetter.


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