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Saddle & Bridle’s Hunter Seat Classic Rules Remain the Same

In light of some confusion at recent horse shows, Saddle & Bridle Magazine would like to remind judges and competitors that the rules for the Hunter Seat Classic have not changed. 

This means that horses in qualifying classes, as well as in the finals, are required to perform the following gaits: walk, trot, extended trot, canter and hand gallop. They are also required to halt and stand on the rail in both directions, and stand quietly and back readily in the line-up. Horses are not required to back on the rail.

With the addition of hunt seat classes at this year’s World’s Championship Horse Show, the hunter division continues to grow in both numbers and importance. Saddle & Bridle is proud to have supported this division since the inception of its Hunter Seat Classic in 1991.

“We are excited that the division we have supported for so long continues to grow,” said co-publisher Chris Thompson. “We would ask that judges, managers and competitors double check the rules for our class so that our amazing pleasure horses are judged with the proper specifications.” 

For the full rules packet for the Hunter Seat Classic, as well as Saddle & Bridle’s other classes, click here.


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