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Route 66 Moves Dates and Welcomes Saddlebreds

The show committee of the Route 66 Morgan Classic, held July 25-27 at the Tulsa Expo Center, arranged a meeting during the show to hear the voices of the trainers and exhibitors about what the show committee could do to make the show thrive. The points made were to open the show to Saddlebreds and to move the show earlier in the year to keep from conflicting with other summer shows. The committee listened and voted to welcome more exhibitors and make the dates official for March 19-21, 2020.

“This show is destined for a very long run,” Show Manager Sandy Sessink states. “That's not just positive thinking, I really feel that with the enthusiasm of the committee and their willingness to do the hard work we will grow and develop into a super popular horse show.”

“Putting the exhibitors first and giving them a voice in how we will move forward was our reason for calling an ‘everyone is welcome’ meeting at the show to discuss important decisions,” continued Sessink. “I feel confident that our new, earlier dates will be a favorable move for most concerned. And, we're ready to make the Saddlebreds a big part of the show.”


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