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Rood & Riddle Expanding

by Jennifer Shuman

What started with one single barn in 1986, Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital will soon have nine barns and 140 stalls, all for specialized attention for sick horses.

The hospital, located in Lexington, Ky., is recognized throughout the world as a facility for all breeds of horses demanding specific medical needs. Rood & Riddle currently has seven barns, as well as a restricted ICU unit, with 110 stalls in order to properly care for all patients. The clinic also has 16 covered stalls located on the perimeter of one side of the hospital to house outpatients.

The state of the art and world-renowned establishment is adding two new ICU barns to its 24 acres in order to meet the equine industry's rising demands. Rood & Riddle cares for more than 10,000 horses annually with the expertise of more than 200 veterinarians, interns and ICU technicians in order to provide exceptional patient care.

Rood & Riddle follows intense protocol and uses detailed records to ensure horse owners that their horse in the hospital will get attention, treatment and extensive monitoring, all with a dash of TLC.

The different areas of Rood & Riddle include surgical and treatment areas with many services. Orthopedics, soft tissue and laser surgery, lameness evaluations, ambulatory and emergency services, internal medicine, neonatology, neurology, reproduction services, podiatry, radiography, radiology, nuclear scintigraphy, video endoscopy, gastroscopy, and ultrasonography are the services the veterinarians perform everyday. There is also a 24-hour laboratory for test results at any time of day.

The recovery stalls outside of the surgical unit are completely padded to make certain the patient wakes up comfortable and securely. In the neonatal unit, the stalls have hook-ups for oxygen, heat lamps, ventilators, and electrical machines. Beds for foals are TempurPedic mattresses with pillows, heated blankets and foam blocks to assist with stability.

Separate treatment rooms hold the equipment needed for video endoscopes, x-rays, and EKG machines. The high-speed treadmill is located in the Diagnostic Imaging building, along with the MRI unit and ultrasound areas. Heated stalls are located in one of the barns for horses recovering from surgery that need a temperature-controlled climate. A padded reproduction division has its own area on the beautiful grounds of the hospital.

Owners are encouraged to visit their horse while it is in the hospital, and can be updated on the status of the patient whenever convenient. Everyone involved at Rood & Riddle has the same motivation: To provide quality care to all patients. With the opening of two new ICU barns, this will be able to happen even more.

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