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Rock Walker To Vision Quest Morgans

Rock Walker has accepted a private training position with Vision Quest Morgans, in Howe, ID.


Walker was welcomed back to the show ring in 2005 with former world champions Havenwood Sonata and SpringMill Navigator. This followed Walker's tragic automobile accident in 2003 which many feared would end his successful training career. Gary and Kathi Jensen of Vision Quest Morgans are delighted that Walker has joined them.

Aspenglow Insurrection is owned by Vision Quest Morgans and will stand the 2006 season at the farm. Walker will be working with Insurrection and his get and will also be accepting outside horses in training.


The farm is located near Idaho Falls, has a beautiful huge indoor arena, an inside bullpen and 32 stalls. Walker can be reached at 208-521-1177.

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