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Rock Creek Rocks!


by Nicole Dworak and Leeann Mione

, Ky.- The 69th annual Rock Creek Horse Show had yet again another grand year. The Rock Creek Riding Club was beautiful as always, set on the outskirts of downtown Louisville where homes and parks have been built up around it; the riding club remains the picture of yesteryear. Ringside box seats, the clubhouse and a great horse show atmosphere all are great attributes to the feel of this show.

This year the Rock Creek Horse Show offered over $40,000 in premiums and trophies along with a trainer’s incentive purse. The trainer’s incentive was sponsored by Norton Hospital and each trainer that had their entries in by May 1, 2005 was eligible to win $100 cash if their entry took home the blue ribbon.

The usual, almost week-long show was shortened a bit from previous years. The show decided to drop the start day of Tuesday and back it off until Wednesday, holding more classes each evening through Saturday night. Lewis Eckard of Hildebran, N.C., was at the helm with the judging duties for the week and had plenty of good classes to keep him on his toes each night.


Equitation 17 and under started off the show with one entry making her way through the gate. Lindsay Haupt showed off winning form as she earned the blue ribbon aboard Wizard’s Icon.

Performing Nightly sure put on a blue ribbon performance in the Show Pleasure Driving class as Ann Fitzpatrick handled the lines for her Rigby’s Green Farm LLC.


Heir’s Curtain Call and Joyce Cashman drove away with the red ribbon in hand.
Katelan Elizabeth Crabtree was up for the win in the Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure class aboard Heirrelevant for Carol McIvor and Four Boys Farm. Kelsey Price rode Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome for Three Gables LLC to the second place finish.

The Hackney Pony Open class had the high stepping entry General Mills wearing the blue ribbon with Mia Blevins Morris driving for Georgia Blevins. Ed Frickey drove Classical Dancer to second place finish.

Trotting away with a blue ribbon in the Three-Gaited Junior Horse class was Show Baby Show with Darrell Case up for Sally Parker. The reserve finish went home with Chalecon with Greg Reason in the irons for owner Teresa Smith.

Feel The Thunder and Vicki Reed thundered out of the arena wearing a blue ribbon in the Five-Gaited Amateur Stallion/Gelding class. Jan Attinger and Bring Out The Champagne received the red ribbon.

The Pleasure Equitation 17 and Under class invited one entry into the ring. Caroline Jonsson rode out with the blue ribbon under the direction of Bonnie Zubrod and Cindy Boel.

Chris Nalley and Callaway’s Rockaway were victorious in the Five-Gaited Adult Show Pleasure class. Pam Milligan and High In The Sky rode up to take home the red streamers.

Jeff McClean drove Twin Willow’s Wild Thing for Golden Creek Farm to win the Harness Pony Open class. Heartland Flirtation and Caroline Kamer were in the reserve spot.

CH An Heir About Her and Sarah Rowland were in the top spot for the blue in the Three-Gaited Amateur 15.2 and Under class. April Hi Lite and Catherine Munsey finished up for the reserve.

The Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited Show Pleasure class had several nice entries, but in the end it was CH L.A. Boca Raton and Kelsey Olson who wore the blue home. CH Assets And Attitudes and Sarah Sessoms were reserve for Saddle Creek Farm.

The NHS Good Hands Event was won by Ali Judah. The second place finish in this class went to Caroline Skinner.

Roadster to Bike Amateur class came zinging into the ring. BJ’s Hail Storm with Milward Dedman Jr. at the lines zoomed away with the win in this class. Jennifer Robertson and Rum’s Last Shot trotted out with the red ribbon in tow.

Thundersnow and Erin Obenauf were in the number one spot for the win in the Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Novice Horse class. First For Victory and Andi Bittker were in the reserve spot in this class.

Erin Gatlin and Platinum Asset wore the blue ribbon down victory lane in the Adult Country Pleasure class for Julie Garlington and Dodie Stockton. Midtown Man and Christine Broder were in the number two spot for Split Decision LLC.

The Three-Gaited Amateur Over 15.2 class put the big bay entry of Carl Holden in the winner’s circle. Sue She and Carla Ritzie wore the blue out of the ring. Caroline Kamer and Bad Moon Rising were second for Apples and Oats LLC.

CH So Audacious wore the blue at Rock Creek in the Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Show Pleasure class with Kelsey Olson aboard. Steal My Thunder and Kelly Hill rode away with the red ribbon for Marty Reynolds.

Barclay de Wet was in the irons for the Five-Gaited Amateur Mare win aboard Have You Ever. Enchanting Memories and Diana Kressley-Billig finished second for Carson Kressley.

Ms. Greta Garbo and Mozelle Anson drove away with the blue ribbon in the Country Pleasure Driving class. Theology and John Scheidt got to take home a red ribbon for Stonecroft Farm.

Don Harris was aboard Dunkin Donut for the win in the Five-Gaited Junior Mare class. Oh Yes I Can and Lewis Meadows had a second place finish for McDaniel Saddlebreds.


Eleanor Watkins and Marie Claire showed off winning equitation form in the UPHA Challenge Cup 17 and Under class to start Thursday night.

Another Bay was the best, according to Eckard, in the Three-Gaited Park Amateur class with Sara McDonald aboard for the win. Last Tango In Paris and Whitney Bennett were second for Liberty Saddlebreds.

Old Memories made another memory for owner Elise Johnson as he won the Roadster Pony Amateur class. Amadeus and Debbie Gabbert finished for second in the amateur class.

Lewis Eckard invited Callaway’s Buttons And Bows into the winner’s circle with Nathan Stein aboard for Pam and Bruce Milligan. Powerful Tango and Whitney Bennett were reserve for Llerrem Farm LLC and Merrell Magelli.

The striking black entry At The Stroke of Midnight and Lucinda Hartley were put in the top spot in the Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Novice Horse class. Checker Out and Charlotte Kurtz finished for second for owner Scarlett Mattson.

The UPHA Walk/Trot Challenge Cup had two nice entries trot into the ring and show off their equitation skills. Alexa Stumbler took the blue ribbon home. Channing McWilliams tied for second.

Simbara’s Audacity and Ellie Headlee were number one in the Three-Gaited Pony class. Cloudsplitter and Olivia Weber left the ring with the red ribbon.

The Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving title went home with Chasing A Dream and Dr. Bing Crosby driving for Caitlin Reason and Nicole Crosby. Seamair’s Dear Sir and Linda Fischer finished for second.

One entry came through the gate for the Junior Exhibitor Walk & Trot Pleasure class. Penny’s Charm and Kolette Weaver took home a blue ribbon for Barbara Franson.

Miss Outta My Way pushed all the others out of her way as she headed up for the blue ribbon in the Five-Gaited Pony class with Ivy Johnson aboard. Callaway’s Exception To The Rule and Alexa McWilliams were second.

The American Flag and Suzanne Bradshaw jogged their way to a blue ribbon in the Country Western Pleasure class. The New Millennium and Sharon Lewis took the reserve finish.

Chris Reiser rode Finest Material to the blue ribbon in the Three-Gaited Novice Horse class for Nunley Saddlebreds LLC. Dunay and Rob Byers were second for Laura Lee Samford.

Joan Jett and Mary Gaylord McClean were wrapped up in blue as they trotted out with the Harness Pony Amateur title. Heartland Expectation and Karen Frickey were reserve.

The Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited class put Callaway’s Independence Day and Laura Skinner on the path to a blue ribbon. She’s Bedazzled ADW and Will Harris were placed in the reserve spot.

The white-legged Pistolero and Mary Jane Peebles wore the blue ribbon in the Adult Three-Gaited Show Pleasure class. Callaway’s Summer Solstice and Brynn Crotty took home a red ribbon.

Lance Williamson rode Maureen Thomas’s entry Future to the Five-Gaited Novice Horse win. Double Platinum and Mark Utoft finished second for Equine Investments LLC.

Heartland Newsmaker made news in the Hackney Pony Amateur class with Bobbie Welch driving for the first place finish. Heartland Twice As Nice and Marilyn Swimmer had a second place finish.

Country Pleasure Novice Horse class winner was Showtime’s Rocket Man and Nicole Crosby for Dorothy Crosby. Misdee Wrigley rode Hillcroft Her Highness to the second place finish.

Jordan Kremer drove K & J’s Aviator to the AHHS Roadster Pony Medallion win for Darrell and Ruth Vaughn. Kentucky Hot Brown and Kelly Hill were second for Holt Oaks Farm.

Thursday night finished up with Travel In Style winning the Five-Gaited Junior Stallion Gelding class with Don Harris in the irons for Belcort Farm. Joe Elam rode the Riverdreams LLC entry I’m Something Wicked to the reserve finish.


CH High Expectations was in the winner’s circle again with yet another rider. Alexa Stumbler was the winner of the Walk and Trot Equitation Championship. It was also High Expectations’ 21st birthday. He doesn’t look 21 and he still has the heart of a champion, carrying many riders to blue ribbons. Second place in the walk/trot championship was Channing McWilliams.

USEF Saddle Seat Medal win went to Ali Judah for her second equitation win of the week. Eleanor Watkins rode to a second place finish.

The UPHA Fine Harness Classic title went to Sister Sally and Kathy Capsuto. Tre Lee drove Spicy Story for Brad and Barbra Bacon for a second place finish.

Penny’s Charm and Kolette Weaver were back in the winner’s circle to trot away with the blue ribbon in the Junior Exhibitor Walk and Trot Pleasure Championship.

Clark Clouse rode Lime Twisted Gin for Jacquelyn M. Stred Revocable Trust to win the Three-Gaited Park Jackpot Stake. Melinda Moore was up on Tax Man for the reserve finish for owner Jeff Councilman.

Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Championship had CH Assets And Attitude in the tricolor spot with Sarah Sessoms up for Saddle Creek Farm. CH L.A. Boca Raton finished reserve with Kelsey Olson in the saddle.

The Last Straw and John Scheidt drove out with the tricolor in the Show Pleasure Driving Championship for Stonecroft Farm. Heir’s Curtain Call and Joyce Cashman were named for the second place finish.

There was one entry in the UPHA Three Gaited Classic. Tommy Bahama and Annalize van der Walt won the blue ribbon for Singing Hills Stables.

Ms. Greta Garbo was back for another victory pass with Moe Anson in the Country Pleasure Driving Championship for Anson and co-owner Gail Kline, both of whom as chairpersons of the show had a long and busy week. Theology and John Scheidt finished reserve for Stonecroft Farm.

What’s My Line and Margaret Lawrence were the tricolor champions in the Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure Championship. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was reserve with Kelsey Price up.

Nelson Green drove Stonecroft Nightlight to the blue ribbon in the Two-Year-Old Fine Harness class for Stonecroft Farm. Gotta Be Charmed and Judy Harris came in second for Don and Judy Harris.

Child Of The Times was in tricolor form to win the Adult Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Championship with Christine Broder up. High In The Sky was again in the reserve spot with Pam Milligan riding.

That’s Exactly Right was exactly what was needed to win the UPHA Park Pleasure Classic for Amy Dix Rock. Foxy Camilla and Tami Webb were reserve for Sloan Enterprises LLC.

Erin Gatlin was up once again on Platinum Asset for the Adult Country Pleasure Championship win. Showtime’s Rocket Man and Nicole Crosby were reserve.

Joan Adler drove her white-legged Gothic Revival to the Fine Harness Junior Horse title. Headhunter and Redd Crabtree finished with the red ribbon for Crabtree Farms.

Lenore’s Prairie Whoopster was in the number one spot to win the Park Pleasure class with Steve Wheeler up for John and Dorothy Lenore. Bella Belle was reserve with John Field riding for William Field.

One more time CH So Audacious made another victory pass at Rock Creek with Kelsey Olson up to win the Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Championship. Steal My Thunder was again in the reserve spot with Kelly Hill up for Marty Reynolds.

John Scheidt drove Stonecroft Farm’s entry The Great Gaspar for the Fine Harness Amateur win. (SA) Dorian Warrior’s Song was reserve with William Blacklaw driving for the Singing Hills Stable.

The UPHA Five-Gaited Classic title went to Nelson Green and The Power Play for Sarah Sessoms. Lance Williamson rode Pour Some Sugar On Me for Spencer Mains to the reserve finish in this class.


After a week that started with strong storms and rain, then cleared to be near perfect, Saturday evening’s competitors were faced with the possibility of bad weather again. Rock Creek has always been a show that is sink or swim, depending on what Mother Nature decides.

This year however, no one could have or for that matter would have, predicted just how great championship night would turn out.

The Pleasure Equitation Championship started promptly to herald the beginning of a great night of competition, but with only one entry, it wasn’t an accurate predictor of how heated things would become.

Caroline Johnson and Heir Brained Scheme put on a nice show for the crowd and added her blue ribbon to the Zubrod Stables’ total.

The amateur park horses were next and as has been typical of the division this season, featured a strong group in contention for the title of Rock Creek Grand Champion. When Lewis Eckard turned in his card it was Last Tango In Paris taking the trip to the winner’s circle with Whitney Bennett up for Liberty Saddlebreds. Already a much decorated star in harness, Last Tango In Paris looked every inch a veteran of the under saddle ranks under the direction of Clark Clouse. Another Bay, a proven star in the park division, proved his skills to take the reserve streamers with Sara McDonald riding from Kalarama Farm.

The Saddle Seat Equitation Championship featured a pair of poised young ladies and they rode hard in front of a crowd that kept getting bigger and bigger as the show progressed. Ali Judah had a busy night Saturday night and she headed to the winner’s circle with Feng Shui to be named the grand champion from Premier Stables. Lindsay Haupt and Wizard’s Icon were reserve from Zubrod Stables.

Kayce Bell and her pony Heartland City Boy faced a strong group in the Amateur/Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony Championship and Bell was elated when number 345 was announced by Peter Fenton as the winner. Jimmy Robertson met Bell in the winner’s circle. Amadeus and Debbie Gabbert have consistently been in the top ribbons in their career together under the direction of Debbie Foley and they did it again with the reserve grand championship title amongst a strong group.

The Ladies Five-Gaited Stake showcased a talented group of horses and riders and they put on a great show in one of the evening’s fiercest battles up to that point. The Echo Of Thunder and Melissa Moore have done their share of winning for Alice Nunley including last year’s Rock Creek Five-Gaited Grand Championship. At this year’s show, Nunley had her gelding in top form to carry her to the winner’s circle in their team debut. Callaway’s Jack Frost and Lucinda Hartley, fresh from Indianapolis Charity, turned in a powerful team effort to take the reserve title under the direction of Tammy Devore. CH Amusing and Amy Dix Rock, another highly decorated pair throughout their career, finished with the third top ribbon from Premier.

The quality level of the walk-trot ponies has been consistently first-rate at shows already this season and at Rock Creek, Lewis Eckard had a good group in front of him. He named Simbara’s Cara Mia and Ashley Biggins the grand champions and they were followed in the ribbons by Simbara’s Audacity and Ellie Headley from Field Stables.

Suzanne Bradshaw has been a longtime enthusiastic supporter of the western country pleasure division, and on the heels of a strong showing at Indianapolis, she headed to the winner’s circle at Rock Creek with The American Flag. The New Millennium and Sharon Lewis followed up their success at Kentucky Spring Premier with the reserve grand championship for the Majestic Oaks.

Suzanne Hubbard was another busy competitor Saturday evening at Rock Creek, showing various mounts under the Hill View Stables banner. Her efforts in the Road Horse Under Saddle class were rewarded with the nod from judge Eckard and she took the victory pass with Despite It All for Barbara Crabtree Watts.

Quill and Annalize van der Walt debuted in the under saddle division at the UPHA Chapter Two Horse Show and in their first show since the Singing Hills Stables contingent moved to Kentucky for the summer, they scored the red ribbon for Bill and Barbara Blacklaw.

The Amateur Five-Gaited Championship featured a strong group of hard riding ladies hoping to add the title of grand champions to their resume, but when Eckard turned in his card it was Have You Ever and Barclay de Wet heading to center ring for the presentation. Redd Crabtree directed their winning effort to continue their team success. She’z So Delightful and Vicki Reed followed up their win at Kentucky Spring with the reserve streamers under the direction of Bill and Kris Knight.

The Roadster Pony Jackpot Stake was another extremely competitive class but Free Willy and Georgia Blevins continued their winning streak by capturing the title. Sporting an enormous garland of flowers that was almost bigger than he was, Free Willy and Blevins made their victory pass under the direction of Maureen Lydon and Rich Campbell. Ranger and Rob Wilson put on a good show to take the reserve streamers for Shamrock Farm.

Jewel’s For A Lady and Lowe Thompson topped the Five-Gaited Pony Championship to continue their great season which includes wins at both Kentucky Spring Premier and Asheville under the direction of Field Stables. Callaway’s Exception To The Rule and Alexa McWilliams put another top ribbon on the Premier Stables tack room wall with their strong effort for reserve.

CH An Heir About Her and Sarah Rowland turned back all challengers in the competitive Amateur Three-Gaited Championship. Showing under the direction of Edward “Hoppy” Bennett, Rowland was ecstatic with her championship victory aboard her world’s grand champion. Lost Token has been very successful with several different owners and with Stacie Herron up from Premier Stables, they claimed the number two slot on Eckard’s card.

The Open Fine Harness Stake was a terrific class with a ring full of quality entries. It was great to see such depth in the open division when so often the numbers in this competition are much smaller. Nurse Goodbody, newly purchased by Stonecroft Farm after a winning under saddle career, finished as the Fine Harness Grand Champion with Dianna Rannells driving for Don Spear and John Scheidt. John Jones drove Call Me Ringo to the second place tie for Belle Reve Farm and Harlem’s Santa Fe, usually paired with Susan Bartlett in amateur competition, earned the yellow prize with Chuck Herbert driving. Periaptus Victorius and Gerald Moores, Simbara’s Sweet Lorraine and Kelly Mount and Romanov with Mike Hylton claimed the remaining ribbons.

The Adult Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Championship helped cement the reputation of this year’s Rock Creek Horse Show as one of the best in recent years when a big, deep field came through the gate. The show pleasure division is truly one of the most competitive and riders in this class couldn’t let up for a minute in their quest for the tricolor prize. When the class lined up, each had their share of crowd support but when the card was turned in, it was Thundersnow and Erin Obenauf heading to the winner’s circle under the direction of Chris Reiser for Willowbank Farm. Callaway’s Summer Solstice and Brynn Crotty put it all together to finish with the reserve title under the direction of Todd Graham. Pistolero and Mary Jane Peebles were third from Premier.

The Three-Gaited Jackpot Stake, like the Fine Harness Jackpot Stake, featured a big and well decorated group of competitors. With world’s champions and world’s champion of champion entries coming through the gate again and again, the crowd knew this was going to be a class to talk about. They weren’t disappointed as each horse gave it their all both directions of the ring. When Sue She was called out as the grand champion, trainer Jerry Hutson sported a huge grin on his way to the winner’s circle for Georgia and Carl Holden Jr. CH Rejoice just kept going and going and she was right there every step of the way to claim the reserve grand championship with John Field for Dr. and Mrs. Donald Petit.

Angela Lane followed up her success this season with the top three finish with Ricky Cook up for Don Harris. Mr. Revere was fourth with Gene van der Walt and they were followed in the ribbon count by Boston Legal with John Biggins and Java Chip with Mike Tunstall.

Linda Fischer just showed winners at Indy Charity and she did it again at Rock Creek. Seamair Dear Sir, owned by Fischer and her daughter Rosemarie, was the winner of the Hackney Pleasure Driving Championship. Chasing A Dream and Dr. Bing Crosby took the reserve streamers for Caitlin Reason and Nicole Crosby.

The Ladies Three-Gaited Stake showcased an elegant group of walk-trots who came through the gate ready to perform. Lewis Eckard nodded his approval to Strawberry Pie, with Danette Musselman up for Winding Creek Farm. Strawberry has been a presence in the winner’s circle since she was a weanling showing at the Illinois State Fair and now even bigger and more confident than last year, she marched down the rail on her victory pass like a veteran. CF Burnout and Renee Biggins are another well-matched and well-decorated team with world’s championships to their credit and they put together the reserve grand championship effort for Rita Wheeler.

Kelsey Price teamed Fiesta Fling to top honors in the Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited Championship for Pleasantview Farm with a strong team effort. The competitive class featured a proven group and reserve honors went to She’s Bedazzled ADW and Will Harris from Infinity.

As the temperatures dropped, the wind picked up and lightning lit up the sky, the road horses were asked to take their places in the ring for the Roadster to Bike Jackpot Stake. Not surprisingly, they were able to quickly get things rolling so that Eckard could make his pick. PTO, a successful competitor on the West Coast last year with owner Bill Tomin, continued his success, but this time with Melinda Moore driving. They bested a nice group including reserve winners and Indy’s reserve grand champions Wuddacomover and Merrill Murray for Timothy Holahan.

The junior exhibitors raced to beat the storm for their three-gaited championship but they didn’t let the threat of bad weather rattle them. This was yet another Saturday night class that featured quality entries from top to bottom and the young riders put on a great show for the crowd.

When it was all said and done, it was Callaway’s Buttons And Bows earning the right to take the victory pass with Nathan Stein up for Bruce and Pam Milligan. Whitney Bennett, showing from Clouse Stables, turned in another solid ride to pick up the reserve streamers with Powerful Tango. Bennett rode for owner Merrell Magelli.

In front of a crowd that was even bigger than at the beginning of the night, 10 horses hit the ring for the Five-Gaited Jackpot Stake. That’s right, ten horses – making this year’s gaited stake the largest in recent memory. And what a group of horses it was.

Colonel Hoss and Clark Clouse were joined by Sunken Treasure and Wyatt DeHart, Radiante and Don Harris, Here I Am Again and Lance Williamson, Stonecroft Rumor Has It and Larry Hodge, All American Guy and Ricky Cook, Summertime Song and Ed Cockriel, I’m First and Nelson Green and Callaway’s Kit Carson with the group’s only female rider Kris Price Knight.

Great pass after great pass had the crowd loudly supporting their favorites and each rider tried to outdo the other in an effort to impress Eckard. When his card was turned in, the aptly named I’m First headed to center ring for the presentation with Nelson Green for Stonecroft Farm. The world’s champion campaigner had a very impressive notch to add to his resume, and as the season heats up gave a glimpse at open competition on the road to Freedom Hall. Kris Knight left the ring to a big ovation in appreciation of her efforts with her powerful campaigner Callaway’s Kit Carson for owner Susan Shepherd.

Here I Am again was third followed by Colonel Hoss, Radiante and Summertime Song.

The bad weather which has so often plagued Rock Creek on Saturday night never materialized and in fact for most of the week couldn’t have been better after the storms at the beginning. A great night of competition closed out a week that Show Manager Scarlett Mattson and co-chairpersons Gail Kline and Moe Anson could be very proud of. From the jackpot stakes which drew more entries than ever, to really deep and competitive amateur and junior exhibitor classes, to ponies and young horse classes, this Rock Creek show will be looked back upon fondly for many years to come.


Complete results can be found by clicking on SHOW RESULTS.

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