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Rock Creek Horse Show Announces Plans for 2007


The 70th celebration of the Rock Creek Horse Show will take place Wednesday through Saturday, June 6-9, 2007 at the Rock Creek Riding Club in Louisville, Ky.  

Last year Rock Creek roared back into prominence on the
Kentucky show circuit with a show that was outstanding in many ways. Condensed to four days after much discussion by the show committee, the Jackpot Stakes were filled with numerous quality entries as were the amateur and juvenile classes. Crowd turnout increased and Mother Nature cooperated for the most part. Trainers pocketed extra change and appreciated the opportunity to win the trainer's purses offered in every class. As a result Rock Creek was named the UPHA Chapter Nine Honor Show at the national convention this past January.

This year's show, to be judged by Gary Garone,
Richmond, New Hampshire, will follow a similar schedule. However, all of the three-year-old classes, five-gaited, three-gaited, fine harness and park pleasure, will be UPHA Classics, making it attractive for early qualification for Kansas City. Another exciting addition will be an Owner's Reward which is being sponsored by Becker Brothers Equestrian Outfitters, owned by Dale and Michael Becker. On Saturday night one owner's name will be drawn from those whose entry was made by the closing date of May 19th. That lucky owner will receive a $1,000 cash prize.

One major change concerns the prize lists. Prize lists will NOT be mailed this year. Instead they can be downloaded from the Internet at the website or contact horse show manager Scarlett Mattson, 270-547-2407, or show secretary Beth Snider at 502-349-1336,

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