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Roanoke News and Updates

Great news from Roanoke Valley as Manager Peter Fenton reports that a significant increase in the ASB division is expected at the show. "We have many new barns coming to experience Roanoke as well as many old friends returning for the equestrian competition," said Fenton. "I am very pleased with the positive response to the new ASB work ring and its ideal location," he continued.

The revised schedule with classes starting on Wednesday night and running through Saturday night will enhance your Roanoke experience. Come and enjoy a special week in beautiful Virginia show in a great ring with large appreciative audiences and become a part of the wonderful atmosphere that is Roanoke Valley. Nelson Green will judge all ASB divisions headlining a top notch staff that includes Bill and Marylynn Whitley and photographer Shane Shiflet. Dewey Bass will add his expertise to the show and Payton Hamilton will join as well.

Contact Manager Peter T. Fenton at 859-321-9281 for more information.

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