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Ricochet Memories Retires at Southeastern Charity

Ricochet Memories SF and Shelby Reimer


(Editor’s note: The following was read by Edward “Hoppy” Bennett on Friday night at Southeastern Charity Horse Show.)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are creating memories tonight. . . please welcome multi-World Champion Ricochet Memories SF, presented in his final show ring appearance by Shelby Reimer.

Most of you here tonight are familiar with this captivating horse, for it was at Southeastern just a short year ago that he made two victory passes with Shelby as the Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure Champion. That was the culmination of a career seldom matched in any division in the Saddlebred world.

Bred by Joe Fisher of Columbia, S.C., Ricochet has made a habit of visiting the winner’s circle with a number of different riders and drivers. The first was Sena Bowling, followed by Judi Toundas who drove him to his first two world’s championships in 1998. After the Broder family purchased Ricochet, he was shown first by Julie, then by Christine Broder, winning at such prestigious shows as Rock Creek, Lexington Junior League, the Kentucky Fall Classic and collecting more blues and tricolors in Freedom Hall.

Ricochet Memories has been a champion for a long list including Donna Plumb and Julie Richards. He has been a trainer’s delight, always putting forth his best. . . and his best is very, very, good indeed!

Just ask trainers Barry Stumbo, Wes and Sena Bowling, Jennifer Styskal, Hoppy Bennett, Jim Ferreira, Lisa Heres-Rosenberger, Allison Walker and Randy Stoess. In fact, every trainer who has taken Rico to that
Mecca known simply as “Louisville” has come away a winner. He did it in different division too; juvenile and adult, riding and driving. . . the horse for all reasons.

Ron and Betty Moore bought Ricochet several years ago and he has been a total joy for them. He brought home blue ribbons and those coveted Kentucky State Fair championships under their ownership with both Tate Bennett and Shelby Reimer in the saddle. But in addition, he has provided countless memories which are all the more precious because the Moores love him so.

To honor Ricochet Memories tonight, Ron and Betty Moore are joined in center ring by several people who have been most influential in the life of this grand horse: Hoppy Bennett, Donna Plumb, George Anne Nash, Kathy Brodie and Jose, his very special caretaker.

Ricochet Memories will now be retired to live a richly deserved life of leisure at Soquili Stables. To paraphrase “Memory” and with a nod to Andrew Lloyd Webber, “Now it is again his day in the sun. If you touch him you’ll understand what happiness is. Look, a new day has begun.”

Here’s to you, Ricochet. . . thanks for the memories!

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