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Revelation Was One Of A Kind

Posted October 3, 2001

by Bob Funkhouser

On Sunday, September 2 the show horse world lost another great campaigner. One of the most beautiful ponies to ever live, Revelation died at the age of 23 at the Gib Marcucci Stables in Monmouth, Iowa.

"Gib checked on him in the morning and he had eaten his breakfast. That afternoon he went back to check on him and he was laying down in his paddock next to his shed like he had gone to sleep," said Mrs. Robson.

For Mrs. Robson and those who had previously owned and trained the white-legged son of Cassilis Troubador and Rogers' Ann, it was like losing a family member. "I'll never have another one like him," said Mrs. Robson.

Dr. Alan Raun bred the grand pony who was registered as Mark Of Distinction. He was purchased by Lowell Dunn as a weanling and brought out as a three-year-old by Lee Dunn.

"I was judging him as a three-year-old and he was the greatest young long-tail I had ever seen," said Gib Marcucci. "He was off his four-year-old year. I don't know if he was sick or hurt, but he didn't show."

In 1983 Revelation was purchased by the Art Birtcher family of San Juan Capistrano, Calif. with Larry Bacon as their trainer. They showed him for a few years and then he was purchased by Sam and Anita Brock and remained in training with Bacon. Those that were around during that time period remember what a beautiful picture it was with those flowing gowns Anita wore and those white legs of Revelation pumping non-stop.

"He was one of the nicest ponies to work and be around," said Barb Bacon. "He loved his job and he knew he wanted to be somebody."

Mrs. Alan R. Robson purchased Revelation at Louisville in 1989 and with trainer Gib Marcucci they went on a remarkable string of victories. She showed him for five years and lost only one class at Lexington to Brass Lass.

"I'd seen him and thought he was the best long-tail there was, " said Mrs. Robson. "There were people standing in line to buy him. I'm glad I did, but it was scary as there had been a problem with his breathing.

"He was a very light mouthed pony that never took hold. I'll never forget at Kansas City they put us back out on the rail with Mary Gaylord and the crowd started screaming and Revelation got bigger and bigger. It was the first time I had ever needed hand holds. The other class I'll never forget was when we were showing against his son, Mark Of Success, at Devon. Those were two of the greatest long-tails ever and that time father beat son."

"Revelation was the prettiest pony in America," said Marcucci. "He had a personality that said, ‘I'm a show pony.' His motion was so distinct, had a fine throat latch, a beautiful set of ears, and his timing was perfect."

Revelation will go down in history as one of the best long-tails ever. He won a total of 17 world's championships throughout his career including the Amateur Harness Pony World's Grand Championship for Mrs. Robson in 1990, ‘91, ‘92, and ‘93.

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