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Reminder to Hackney Exhibitors Entering at World's Championship

Ponies will be entered in these Divisions only if they have been shown in a minimum of six (6) classes, in three (3) or more different competitions, in the Hackney Show Pleasure Driving or Hackney Country Pleasure Divisions, beginning July 1, 2016, through July 15, 2017. The same pony may qualify and enter and/or compete in both the Junior Exhibitor and the Adult Amateur Show Pleasure Driving Classes at the Kentucky State Fair. Qualification will not be required for ponies four years old or under competing in the Adult Amateur Junior Hackney Show Pleasure Driving classes. 

Exhibitors are required to submit a list of the six (6) classes and three (3) competitions with their entries for the 2017 Kentucky State Fair. Please remember to submit your list along with your entries.

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