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Registry Rule Changes Allow Farm Name as Permanent Prefix

At its October 26, 2011 meeting, the American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) Board of Directors voted to approve the below listed rule changes which are effective immediately.

Please note the new language is in bold and italics. The changes were made as a result of numerous requests from Saddlebred owners and breeders here in the US and also in other countries. You can now apply for exclusive use of a farm name as a permanent prefix to horses’ registered names. Click 
here for an Application for Exclusive Use of Farm Name.
For those residing in foreign countries, you may be able to register your American Saddlebred directly with us, if your horse’s/foal’s sire and/or dam are registered with an approved foreign registry. Please note the new rules below. The ASR Application for Registration form can be used, and can be found by clicking 
here or under the forms section of our website. The rule regarding foaling state was passed in order to allow the registry to add Foaling State to the newly designed letter sized certificate of registration.
The name of a registered horse may be changed one time only during the lifetime of that horse provided that:
1. No foals have been registered from the horse in question, whether it be a mare or a stallion.
2. The horse has not been designated as a Saddlebred Record Champion.
3. If the horse’s name includes a registered farm name, written permission from the owner(s) or authorized agent(s) of the farm is required to remove a registered farm name as a prefix from the horse’s registered name. Otherwise the horse’s name may be changed but the registered farm name will remain as a prefix as part of the name. See Section X. Registered Farm Names.
Note: If a horse has had one or more name changes, the owner may reregister the horse by its original name, subject to above limitations.
The original Certificate of Registration must be submitted along with the name change request and correct fee. The old certificate will be cancelled and retained by the Registry and a new certificate issued. See Section III.H. for rules on naming horses.
Exclusive use of a farm name for the purpose of using the entire farm name or an approved portion of the name as a prefix for a horse’s registered name may be granted upon submitting the proper application with the required fee provided the following conditions are met:
1. Use of the farm name selected has not already been exclusively granted;
2. The name applied for is not one to be considered in the public domain, such as
“American,” “Beauty,” etc., and
3. Payment of a $1,000.00 fee has been made for the registration of the farm name. 
Note: When a farm is sold, exclusive use of its registered name does not automatically pass to the purchaser. Written release of the registered farm name must be submitted to the Registry office by the person to whom exclusive use was originally granted. Application for exclusive use of that farm name must then be made by the purchaser at the initial registration fee of $1,000.00.Once a farm name has been registered, the Registry will recognize no other user except the registrant. 
See Section IV. A. regarding limitations on changing the name of a horse with a registered farm name as a prefix.
The Registry currently recognizes the registries of ASHA of Canada, the Saddle Horse Breeders’ Society of South Africa and the formerly recognized ASHA of Australia for the purpose of registration of horses with the Registry.
1. A horse whose sire and dam are registered American Saddlebreds with a current or former approved foreign registry or with ASR may also become eligible for registration with the Registry upon meeting the following requirements:
a. An Application for Registration on a form provided by the Registry has been completed, signed by the applicant, and filed with the Registry along with the proper fees.
b. A valid Stallion Service Report or Breeder’s Certificate must be submitted.
c. A copy of the registration certificates or pedigrees for the sire and dam from the approved foreign registry have been submitted to the Registry.
d. Documentation of DNA testing for the sire and dam (as determined by a laboratory approved by the Registry) have been placed on permanent record with the Registry and the foal qualifies with full parentage through DNA testing. 
Any person committing or aiding in the commission of any of the following acts or incurring the following conviction or penalty shall be in violation of the rules of the Registry:
a. Changing a Certificate of Registration;
b. Forging any statement, form, certificate, court or any other document presented to or filed with the Registry;
c. Making a false or fraudulent statement with regard to the age, sex, markings, foaling state, breeding, pedigree, ownership or transfer of a horse.

With questions regarding these or any other ASR rules, contact Katriona Adams at

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