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Reduced Registration Fees for Older Morgans Approved

Recognizing that a number of older Morgans that were not registered were being rescued in recent months, the Registry Committee desired to provide the people rescuing these horses with an opportunity to register the horses at a reduced fee. The Board voted unanimously to put the following reduced fee into effect immediately.

• The fee to register horses twenty-four (24) months of age and older at the time of registration is to be $210 for members.

• This fee reduction is effective immediately through December 31, 2011

• The reduced fee is available only to AMHA members (a membership application submitted with a registration application entitles the person submitting the application to receive the reduced fee).

• The postmark date will establish the fee (i.e., registrations already in progress and those received after December 31, 2011 are not eligible for the reduced fee.)

• Registration applications will be accepted for consecutive generations of unregistered Morgans.

• All other requirements for registration will apply, including DNA, signatures, and stallion service reports.

Although the purpose was to assist in the registration of rescued horses, this fee will be available to all members for the registration of all Morgans over 24 months of age.

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