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Reading Between The Lines Part Three

by Christy Howard Parsons

Harness Pony

We are delighted to have the late Mrs. Alan R. Robson’s pony Impress My Daddy at the top of the harness pony standings. Trainer Gib Marcucci takes this pony virtually everywhere he goes and his 16 classes at eight shows netted him eight victory passes and seven reserves. Their 271 points are more than 100 points above the reserve high point champion and these points were earned at UPHA Chapter 5, Devon, Midwest, Lexington, Illinois State Fair, Louisville, All American and the American Royal. Congratulations to Mr. Alan R. Robson and to Gib Marcucci.

Karen Waldron’s Bent Tree Farm owns our co-Reserve High Point Champion Night Editor. Bent Tree trainer Lee Hudson directed this pony to top ribbons at seven different shows including a third place tie in the stallion/gelding qualifier at Louisville. Wins at Roanoke and North Carolina State Fair were complemented by reserve performances at Bonnie Blue, Devon, Roanoke and ASHAV.

The other member of the tie for Reserve High Point Report Champion is the Frickey Farm pony Ballet. The lovely Karen Frickey drove this talented mare to wins at Indianapolis, All American, the American Royal and the World’s Championship Harness Pony Mare title. A strong show at Lexington also netted the team a reserve finish and additional points.

Congratulations to all of our Top 10 Harness Pony Champions - K & J’s Lovely Thoughts, Dixie Jubilee, Conqueror’s Colleen LF, Heartland Expectation, Heartland Heiress, BRS The Phantom and Creation’s Wind Star.

Amateur/Ladies Harness Pony

Mary Gaylord McClean and her Joan Jett enjoyed a season of blue in the harness pony division. Amateur Harness Pony World's Grand Champion and Amateur Ladies Harness Pony Champion Joan Jett also won classes at Midwest, Lexington, Shelbyville and the American Royal. Together this beautiful team earned 178 points to top the division of 57 ponies.

The horse industry lost a great supporter in Isabel Robson in 2003, and Mrs. Robson's ponies with Gib Marcucci were the stuff legends were made of. Robson and Marcucci decided to have Marcucci's daughter and granddaughter show Windstar's Eclipse for most of 2003 and it was an excellent decision. Cindy Ireland made several top shows at Midwest and Lexington, and Tabitha made strong shows at Illinois State Fair and the American Royal. Mrs. Robson will certainly be sorely missed, but her legend will live on as her ponies and horses continue to dominate in the show ring today.

Karen Waldron and Vindicator were the reserve world's grand champions and reserve world's champions. In addition they topped both classes at Lexington Junior League in addition to winning at Bonnie Blue, Devon, Roanoke and ASHAV. All totaled, they earned 124 points to earn the top three spot in the High Point Report.

Finishing out the top 10 were Conqueror's Coleen LF, Lightning Up, Heartland Triple Crown, Conqueror's Mr. Jones LF, Nacho Mama, Heartland Lilac and Heartland Firefly.

Hackney/Harness Pleasure Driving

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Nancy Anderson topped the High Point Report in country pleasure driving. Now it’s Bob Anderson’s turn in the Hackney pleasure driving category.

Earning the world’s grand championship and world’s championship in the division, Anderson and Pacifico’s Standing Ovation showed an amazing 20 times at 10 shows with 19 victory passes as a result. Wins at Milwaukee, Madison, Midwest, Tanbark, Blue Ridge, All American, Wisconsin Futurity, Mane Event and the American Royal brought their winning point total to 354, the highest point count in any division in the 2003 High Point Report. Congratulations to Bob Anderson, his wife Nancy and the entire Hollow Haven crew on a great season!

Jane Mueller and her Early Edition also enjoy showing. They entertained the Midwestern crowds 18 times at 10 different shows to earn 244 points. Wins at Illinois Springfest, Des Moines and Devon accompany strong showings at UPHA 5, Lexington, Illinois State Fair, Louisville, All American, St. Louis and the American Royal to make for an exemplary season.

Heartland High Time and Rita Camp also enjoyed a terrific season. The epitome of a southern Carolina lady and her pony, this talented team claimed blues at ASAC, J.D. Massey, Asheville, Carolina Classic and North Carolina State Fair. In all, they showed 14 times at eight shows to win nine times.

Other top names in the 164 ponies in this division were One More Time, Bold Lad, Heartland Special Special, Wait & See’s Postmaster, Cascade, Heartland Flurry, and Ali.

Junior Exhibitor Hackney Pleasure Driving

The smart young man, Max Kaplan, dominated this division in the point standings with his precious pony Seamair’s Dear Sir. Under the direction of Mike Roberts Stables, they won the world’s grand championship and world’s championship titles as well as winning at Tom Bass Classic, Lexington Junior League, Boone County and St. Louis. With eight classes at seven shows, they won 128 points to top the High Point Report.

The new team of Cowboy Magic and Gabriella Flynn also did their fair share of damage in the division. With DeLovely guidance, the beautiful young team earned 99 points at three shows including wins at Oklahoma Centennial (against adults as well) and Midwest. They also showed against adult riders at three more shows for a total of 10 classes this year.

Holli McDowell shared Miss Fuente with Charlotte Goodman during the 2003 season. McDowell would show in junior exhibitor classes and Goodman got to show in the adult versions. McDowell and Fuente earned 91 points in the seven classes they showed in including wins at Dayton and Alabama Charity.

Other lovely combinations in the top 10 are Portrait Of A Lady, Heartland Parade Time, Going My Way, In A Heartbeat, Rumor Has It, High Life Pride and Forrest Gump.

Roadster Pony

Claiming another top spot in the pony categories of the High Point Report is trainer Gib Marcucci who directed Jane Mueller’s Triumphant to the top of the point standings with 202 points from 13 classes at seven shows. Wins at Illinois Springfest, Des Moines, Illinois State Fair and a world’s championship title in the stallion/gelding qualifier complement reserve finishes at UPHA Chapter 5 and Lexington and two third place finishes at the Royal to attain this definitive win in the High Point Report.

Desert Prince is one of the royal court of Pixie Dust & Steel trained by Ruth Gimpel. Gerald Moores does the honor with the Prince, although Ronnie Graham stepped into the buggy to pilot the world’s grand championship win. Their points were also earned at Tampa, Gasparilla, Pro Am, Asheville and Southeastern.

Brooke Jacobs and Fit To Be Tied finished just one point behind Desert Prince to earn the third place spot in the point standings. With 158 points earned from an amazing 15 classes at 10 horse shows, Jacobs and Fit To Be Tied were on the road a lot in 2003. Blue ribbons earned at Kentucky Spring Premier, Indianapolis, Burlington Charity, Shelbyville, Ohio State Fair, St. Louis and Kentucky Fall Classic decorated the stalls of Werk Way Stables, not to mention amateur wins at Lawrenceburg and Harrodsburg. Definitely a hardy combination that’s ready to compete!

The other top 10 roadster ponies in the standings are Heartland Picture Perfect, Mastercraft’s Captivator LF, Seamair Strutter, Dun Haven Grandiose, Spirit’s Masterpiece, Public Defender and Heartland Production.

Amateur Roadster Pony

The High Point Report Champion Amateur Roadster Pony showed an amazing 17 times at nine different horse shows earning 12 blue ribbons and 225 points. Jane Mueller and My Party Manners are stars in the roadster pony division. Under the direction of Gib Marcucci, the reserve world's grand champions and world's champions in the 51 and over age group also won titles at Illinois Springfest, UPHA Chapter 5, Devon, Illinois State Fair, All American Classic and St. Louis National.

Mary Gise enjoyed an enchanted season in the division where she showed Heartland Sundust in their first year together 21 times at 10 different horse shows. Disappointing results at Louisville (where they earned an eighth place in their qualifier and an improved third place in the championship), didn't dampen the incredible season. Wins at Milwaukee, Madison, Tanbark, Blue Ridge, Wisconsin Futurity, Mane Event and the American Royal made for a stellar 2003 season for the Hollow Haven team member.

Susan Harris and her Seize The Moment also enjoyed a terrific season. Showing across the Carolinas, this Lewis Eckard trained team made eight trips to the winner's circle in 2003 including Raleigh, J.D. Massey, Asheville, Roanoke, North Carolina State Championships and North Carolina State Fair. Their stellar season earned them 196 points to earn the third place honors amid the 113 ponies in the division.

The other top 10 champions in this division are Heartland Memory, Cappuccino, Late Nite’s Magic Moment, Buckwheat, Heartland Royalty, Heartland Captivator and Seamair’s Caprice.

Junior Exhibitor Road Pony

Allie Wellington may be a little shy, but you’d never know it when you see her in a road pony class. She and her little pony Boot, Scoot and Boogie are a match made in heaven and they motored on in 12 classes at eight shows to earn 199 points and top the High Point Report. Lewis Eckard prepares this exciting young combination for competition. They made top shows at Raleigh Spring, J.D. Massey, Asheville, Blue Ridge, North Carolina State Championship, Morristown Charity and the North Carolina State Fair to top the division where 80 ponies earned points.

Tijuana Souvenir and Dylan Hutson, daughter of trainer Jerry Hutson, were prepared by Infinity Stables 11 times at seven shows to earn their 168 points and the reserve high point award. Top showings at Tampa, Kentucky Spring Premier, Lexington Junior League, Kentucky Fall Classic, the American Royal and Lawrenceburg added to a third and fourth place finish at Louisville to earn this speedy team the reserve finish.

Watch out for Abby Jones and Heartland Wonderful Miss! This exciting combination claimed two reserve world’s titles at Louisville in addition to top ribbons at Chattanooga, Lexington, Blue Ridge, Southeastern and Alabama Charity to earn 161 points and finish in third in the High Point Report. Sam and Anne Stafford prepare these young stars.

The remainder of the top 10 in this category are Dun Haven Majestic Motion, Sweet Impression,Dun Haven Grandious, Free Willy, Seamair Twice As Nice, Catch The Spirit and Hazard County.

Roadster To Bike

World’s Champion Ladies Roadster Braveheart tops our High Point Report with 171 points earned in nine classes. A third place finish in the world’s grand championship complements wins and reserves from Devon, Lexington Junior League, ASHAV and the American Royal. Congratulations to owner/exhibitor/trainer Marilyn Macfarlane on an outstanding season!

Bill Hemminger’s Wrapped In Glory continues to grace winner’s circles across the country with trainer Debbie Foley in the bike. The World’s Champion Stallion/Gelding Roadster also won or was reserve at Asheville, Rock Creek, Shelbyville and the Mane Event. They earned 148 points from their nine classes at five shows.

Only one point behind in the standings is Muddy Waters, Danette Musselman’s bright young star in the roadster division. In addition to winning the USTA Roadster to Bike Classic, they claimed titles at Rock Creek Spring, Rock Creek and the Alabama Charity. Their 147 points do not count their novice titles earned at Bonnie Blue and Lexington Junior League.

The other fast track members of the top 10 are Invincible Summer, Special Rose, Geronimo, Quill, Imagine That, Delorenzo and Valiant.

Amateur Roadster to Bike

Bill Shatner certainly has his hands full. Besides turning up every time you turn on the television, he keeps turning up in the winner's circle with popular Roadster champion Spill The Ink. Under the guidance of Melissa Moore, Spill The Ink earned world's grand championship and world's championship titles. In addition they won classes at Kentucky Spring, Asheville, Lexington Junior League, Kentucky Fall Classic and the American Royal. In total they earned 195 points from 11 classes at seven shows.

Carolina favorite Michael Gordon and Westgate Villain earned the reserve High Point Report honors with 184 points. They entered the gate at eight different horse shows and left with at least one trip down victory lane at six of them. A third and sixth place finish, respectively, at the World's Championship Horse Show could not top the blue ribbons earned at Raleigh Spring, J.D. Massey, Asheville, Carolina Classic, Southeastern and North Carolina State Fair. Boone's Farm prepares this world class team.

Showing in both open and amateur competition, Royal Count earned third place in the High Point Report with amateur driver Dale Hanson at the lines. Wins at Oklahoma Centennial, Germantown, Boone County Fair, Paducah Charity, Southeastern, St. Louis and Alabama Charity plus a fourth place finish at Louisville earned the team their 122 points.

Other recognized top 10 champions include Gingerbread Man, Kentucky Wild Cat, Guess Who, Free Agent, Dirt Devil, Diamond Hustler and Hia Gal.

Junior Exhibitor Road Horse

Dakota Willimon did the honors aboard The Secret’s Out in the small but mighty junior exhibitor road horse division. With Danny Bugg and Melissa Moore always on the rail, Willimon won two of the three times she showed the horse - at Asheville and Harrodsburg - and earned a reserve world’s championship.

John and Neil Simpson took turns aboard Where’s Reuben to earn the reserve high point honors. The African Queen and Carly Duggan won a world’s championship and third place honors (in a tie) in the High Point Report. The other third place winner was Roe Junction.

Finishing out the top 10 are Eyes Wide Open, Road Kill Cafe, Road Runner, Phoenix, Amos Moses, and When And Where.

In Hand

A division which encompasses yearling, weanling and even two-year-olds involves a lot of horses - 293 to be exact. The highest point total was earned by A Made Man, a yearling colt owned by Hickory Knoll Farm and shown by Joe Russell. In a division where horses are usually shown sparingly, this yearling was shown nine times at five different shows to earn 122 points. Wins at the Ohio State Fair, Minnesota Futurity, ASHAM Horse Show and strong showings at Illinois State Fair and the Wisconsin Futurity made for an incredible season for the colt sired by The Last Don.

Another Hickory Knoll colt earned second place honors where there was a three way tie for second. Jack Nicholson, a weanling colt owned by Hickory Knoll, earned 94 points at the two shows he attended, Illinois State Fair and ASHAM. This colt sired by General Steel won four of the six classes he showed in.

Jan McGlaughlin showed Lady Phi, a weanling filly owned by Reedannland, to 94 points and a reserve finish in the High Point Report. They won the All American Indiana Weanling Futurity and the Weanling Filly class at Wisconsin Futurity. They also made reserve performances at Illinois State Fair and in the Weanling championship at Wisconsin.

Brian and Vonal Curran’s My Kinda Lovin was the final member of the three way tie for the reserve High Point Report honors. Also earning 94 points, this team showed six times at three shows to earn their title.

Others in the top 10 are Phlags Phlying, Smokey The Bear, Mountainview’s Celestial Night, Silver Harbor, My Jose Cuervo and High On Lovin.

Saddle Seat Equitation 17 & Under

How do you beat a triple crown winner with an almost undefeated season? You have to show and show and show. Nineteen times to be exact. Michelle Krentz showed in every senior equitation class she could at Madison, Midwest, Tanbark, Lexington, Wisconsin Futurity, Mane Event and Louisville to earn her 292 points, four more than the triple crown winner Betty Cox. Definitely something to put in this 14-year-old’s scrapbook!

Betty Cox is our reserve high point champion with 288 points. Winning virtually everywhere she went, Cox did not show in any of the three big qualifiers more than once (NHS, USEF and Challenge Cup). Thus she showed 17 times to earn her point standing. The DeLovely standout star won her classes at Pro Am, Asheville, Midwest, Lexington, Harrodsburg, Louisville, Kentucky Fall Classic and the American Royal. One of only a few riders to win the triple crown, Cox is one of the greatest equitation riders of our time. Congratulations Betty on an incredible season!

Whitney Irwin certainly put her best foot forward in the high point standings. Showing an amazing 21 times at 11 horse shows, she came within three points of the Triple Crown winner in our Report. Wins at Gasparilla, Tampa, Rock Creek Spring, Kentucky Spring Premier, Cleveland Classic, Blue Ridge, Illinois State Fair and St. Louis complemented strong shows at Rock Creek, Lexington and Louisville (including a reserve in the Kentucky Equitation Senior Equitation class), to earn her this outstanding number of points.

Congratulations also to Lisa McClaren, Aimee Austin, Sarah Taylor, Sarah Ann Howell, Mandy Martin, Devon Garone and Shana Jo Brown on their top 10 finishes in the High Point Report.

Saddle Seat Equitation 14 & Under

The incredibly competitive equitation division saw 144 different riders earning points in our standings. Rachel Machamer topped them all under the direction of Bill and Lisa Waller. The smart 11-year-old will continue to rock in this division as she hones her skills and continues to hit the road. Once again our winner showed more times than any other top 10 member, showing 16 times at 10 shows to top the points. Machamer won titles at ASAC, J.D. Massey, Rock Creek, Lexington Junior League, Blue Ridge, Southeastern and four exciting titles at Kentucky Fall Classic. She also finished in fourth in the UPHA Junior Challenge Cup finals at Kansas City and was a reserve world’s champion at Louisville. She also won two NHS classes against the senior riders at J.D. Massey and Southeastern, all despite losing her father to a tragic accident. Congratulations to Rachel and to the Wallers on this outstanding achievement.

Brittany Ann McGinnis continued her outstanding equitation career with DeLovely, moving up from her stellar walk and trot history to take on older riders in the junior equitation division. A world’s champion in her age group for the fourth consecutive year, McGinnis also earned a ribbon in the competitive Junior Equitation World’s Grand Championship. McGinnis won titles at Oklahoma Centennial, Asheville, Indianapolis, Lexington, St. Louis, the American Royal and of course, Louisville to earn her 183 points. Four second place finishes at Kentucky Fall Classic and strong shows against the senior riders in NHS and USEF Saddle Seat Medal competition further developed her skills. McGinnis can now add workouts to her list of accomplishments and expect to see even more exciting developments in 2004!

Another outstanding young rider, 11-year-old Ashley Stine shows 12 times at six shows to earn 169 points, and a third place finish in the High Point Report. Stine rides under the direction of Gary and Marsha Garone and she topped off her year by winning the World’s Champion Saddle Seat Equitation 11-Year-Old title. Other strong showings at UPHA 14, Roanoke, Lexington, Kentucky Fall Classic and the American Royal helped her finish in this prestigious position.

Other outstanding young equestrians in this category are Alexandra Flynn, Kyle Gagnon, Jennifer Roberts, Kelsey Price, Alexa McWilliams, Scott Pisarik and Emma Nichols.

Saddle Seat Equitation Walk and Trot

Once again our High Point Report is topped by the rider who spent the most time in the show ring. Kate Lovejoy rides under John Whalen’s direction and they made 21 classes at 11 shows in this division! With 336 points, Lovejoy earned blue ribbons at Asheville, Carolina Classic, Roanoke, Blue Ridge, North Carolina State Championship, Kentucky Fall Classic and North Carolina State Fair. She was the UPHA Challenge Cup 10 & Under Walk & Trot Champion at Kentucky Fall Classic and finished in third in both walk and trot classes at Louisville. Congratulations on your fantastic season!

Chelsea Jo Roby and her winning smile lit up the ring at Kentucky Spring Premier, Asheville, Rock Creek, Lawrenceburg, Lexington Junior League, Shelbyville, All American, Kentucky Fall Classic, the American Royal and of course, Louisville. Under Jo Cornell’s instruction, the beautiful little blonde earned the walk and trot 10-year-old title and the world’s grand championship for 9 & 10-year-old walk and trot riders! They earned 330 points for their outstanding efforts.

Callie Smith and her coaches at Cryst-A-Kell won the nine-year-old title at Louisville and finished behind Roby in the championship. The beautiful young rider listens carefully to Ellen Beard Anderson and learns her lessons well. Strong shows at Midwest, Chattanooga, Lexington, Boone County Fair, All American, Southeastern, St. Louis, the Kentucky Fall Classic and the American Royal (not to mention Louisville) earned her 281 points. Look for even more exciting titles in 2004 from this young standout!

Other equitation riders to watch are Mallory Hartigan, Jessica Northcutt, Breanna Luken, Lindsey Landrum, Caroline Walker, Mary Salvi and Christina Collis.

Pleasure Equitation

Sharon Worzalla topped the High Point Report with 204 points earned in 16 classes at eight shows. Wins at Mid America Spring, Milwaukee, Madison, Mid America Signature, Illinois State Fair, All American and Mane Event showcased Worzalla’s riding abilities. She even competed in the NHS and UPHA Challenge Cup classes against performance-equitation horses successfully. Congratulations Sharon on an outstanding 2003 season!

Kristin Nielsen worked her way up from the Southwest circuit to the co-reserve High Point Report spot. She and Courtney Ledo tied for second with 155 points each. Both girls showed 14 times at seven shows to earn their points. Nielsen’s points were earned at Pin Oak, Oklahoma Centennial, Big D, Midwest, All American, St. Louis and Dixie Jubilee. This exciting young rider is sure to show us much more in the coming years as she moves up into the older age group.

Courtney Ledo is another 13 and under rider who has earned her points the hard way. She made strong shows at Des Moines, FASH, Madison, Tanbark, Lake Elmo, Minn., and Wisconsin Futurity.

The other girls in the top 10 in pleasure equitation are Lindsay Haupt, Abby Krempasky, Kelsey Nicole Smith, Kristin Gilbert, Jessica Moctezuma, Tess Holmes and Adrian Bell.

Saddle Seat Equitation Adult

Adult equitation classes are becoming more prolific all the time. Dorian Stulberg Anderson found a way to show 16 times at 10 shows to top the High Point Report with 186 points. Wins at FASH, Summerfest, Tanbark, Lake Elmo, Minn., Midsummerfest, Minnesota Futurity and Octoberfest led the way for this High Point Report Champion.

Cristina Sloan earned reserve in the High Point Report with 139 points. She won classes at UPHA Chapter 5, Tom Bass Classic, Midwest, Boone County Fair, St. Louis and Calvary Episcopal. She was also the UPHA Adult Reserve National Champion.

Sara Van Galder continues her equitation career into her adult years and earned a third place finish in our points with 125 points. Strong shows at Milwaukee, Madison, Midwest, Tanbark, Lexington and Louisville earned her this prestigious spot ahead of the remaining top 10 of Katie Ryan, Connie Jones, Leslie Laforce, Brooke Jacobs, Jenna Culligan, Jonelle Chovanec and Kendra Fisher.

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