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Reading Between The Lines Part One

by Christy Howard Parsons

The purpose of the High Point Report is not to recognize world’s champions, horses of the year, readers’ popular choices or any other person’s selection of the “best” the breed has to offer. Rather we wanted to develop a program that recognized those horses that are out there showing - every weekend - day in and day out. Some of them are world’s champions, horses of the year and more. Some of them are not. But they are all champions - champions whose consistent ability to perform are the reason we all do this. It’s the reason we go to the rail to watch, even when we’re too tired to stand up, because sometimes the most memorable performances come when you least expect them.

How did they become champions? How many shows must you show at, how many shows must you win, to be a High Point Report Top 10 Champion? It depends on the number of horses competing in your category. But the most interesting part of the High Point Report is often found between the lines.


It doesn’t matter which way you slice it, Callaway’s Forecaster and Nancy Leigh Fisher come out on top. Number of times shown. Number of blue ribbons won. Number of first place ties at the World’s Grand Championship show. Even most popular voting systems. They all feature Callaway’s Forecaster at the top of the card, and deservedly so. He’s our World’s Grand Champion. As it should be.

World’s Grand Champion Callaway’s Forecaster certainly didn’t shy away from any horse shows in his bid for the industry’s top spot. With an almost undefeated season, the bold-going horse and his amateur rider showed 11 times at six shows. They claimed titles at Illinois Springfest, Milwaukee, Midwest, Wisconsin Futurity, the American Royal and of course, Louisville. Congratulations to Nancy Leigh Fisher and the Hollow Haven crowd on your 2003 accomplishments and may we add the 2003 High Point Report Championship to your accolades!

The Reserve World’s Grand Champion and Five-Gaited Mare World’s Champion Adelita earned our reserve high point finish as well. Amassing 137 points from Louisville, Asheville and Midwest, this talented young mare was undefeated until the world’s grand championship. Trainer Larry Hodge and owner David Rudder gave her the fall off, but look for more excitement in 2004!

Running right down the world’s grand championship results are Jewel’s Teton and Tammy Devore. This punchy crowd favorite was fifth in the world’s grand championship and third in the gelding stake at Louisville. They also earned points at Kentucky Spring Premier, Midwest, Lawrenceburg, Lexington and the American Royal.

The remaining top 10 winners are Hero’s Jumpin Jack Flash, Molligny Don’t Worry Be Happy, CH Superior’s Successor, Undulata’s Georgie Girl, My Chanel, Dusty Beau and It’s More Than Likely.

Who will prevail in 2004? Will Callaway’s Forecaster return to defend their title? I can’t wait to find out!

Ladies Five-Gaited

What an incredible season it was for Gayle Lampe. World’s Grand Champion Ladies Five-Gaited. Winning each of the four classes they entered following Louisville, St. Louis and the Royal. Being honored at the UPHA and ASHA Conventions. And now the High Point Report Champions. Congratulations to Gayle Lampe and Callaway’s Born To Win on another exciting honor!

Elisabeth Goth earned the reserve finish in the High Point Report, as well as in the Ladies Five-Gaited Championship at Louisville. She and the incredible Title Bound won the World’s Champion Ladies Five-Gaited Gelding title as well as winning every other time they showed at Midwest and Shelbyville.

Donna Smith and Mahvalous Asset earned the third place finish in the point standings. Two seventh place finishes at Louisville were complemented by strong shows at Des Moines, Tanbark, St. Louis, the Mane Event and the American Royal. The Royal Scot team earned 105 points in the ladies division, not to mention their points earned in the open five-gaited division.

Other outstanding top 10 champions include Swish, Pocketful of Magic, Motor City, LA Boca Raton, Boo, Callaway’s Independence Day and Daddy O.

Amateur Five-Gaited

The gentlemen topped the Top 10 High Point Report in the amateur five-gaited division (in the same year an amateur woman won the Open Five-Gaited World's Grand Championship). Johnny Wellington and CH Belleavanti topped the 234 horses competing in this division with 201 points. After purchasing this exciting horse from Jackie Stred, trainer Lewis Eckard started the season off in the open five-gaited division with Belleavanti. J.D. Massey was Wellington's debut aboard the incredible animal with a second and third place finish. Their first win came at Asheville, followed by another win at Roanoke. A third place finish in the Amateur Gentlemen's World's Championship and a reserve world's championship in the amateur mare class made for an incredible Louisville. Finishing the year with four wins, two each at the North Carolina State Championship and North Carolina State Fair, indicates this championship team is primed for more good things in 2004.

The World's Champion Amateur Gentleman, Callaway's Weatherman and Gabe Deknatel, earned the reserve high point honor. Wins at Kentucky Spring Premier, Midwest, Blue Ridge and Kentucky Fall made for an amazing 2003 season. John Conatser prepared this consistent world class team.

Bill Walsh rounds out the top three in the amateur five-gaited division. A reserve world's championship and top shows at Asheville, Rock Creek, Lexington and Kentucky Fall earned this team 161 points to reach top three distinction under the guidance of trainer Debbie Foley.

Our congratulations also go to the remaining list of top 10 champions, The Full Monty, Deceptive Odds, Time Well Spent, Cash Back, CH Callaway's Arbitrator, Macaroon and Amusing.

Junior Exhibitor 17 & Under Five-Gaited

Lisa McClaren and her popular CH Chandler topped the High Point Report in this division as well as earning the world’s grand championship and world’s championship. Under the direction of Julie Ann Wroble and Country Meadow Farm, this two-year team lit up the ring everywhere they went. Wins at Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Illinois State Fair, St. Louis and the American Royal complemented their world’s championship season! The team earned 204 points in the 12 classes they showed in at seven shows.

Only 20 points behind in the points race is Fox De Jour, the spunky 14 & under team who also was in the top 10 in the 14 & under division. This Kentucky team rarely meets up with the Midwesterners, but look for fireworks when they do. These are some of the best the division has ever had to offer!

Other great things will come from the other junior exhibitor riders in the top 10. Leah Rexroth and Cara Clara earned 161 points at the eight shows they attended in their 14 classes. Breaking News, Caramac’s Big Ticket, Social Worth, Studcor Donatello, The Great Gazoo, The Evangelist and Contessa’s Treasure finish out the illustrious list of hard-riding young equestrians.

Junior Exhibitor 14 & Under Five-Gaited

It’s not often, you see the younger age group of junior exhibitors piloting high powered five-gaited engines. In fact only 19 horses earned points in this division in 2003. The new team of Lindsey Shields and Caramac’s Capital Gain, however, earned 66 points in this division by getting third in both classes at Louisville and a second at Lexington. Also showing against older riders at Lawrenceburg, Lexington and the Kentucky Fall Classic, the team earned top ribbons and some points in the older high point category as well.

Kelly Ricker and Endolane Top Cat also earned two top ribbons at Louisville, reserve in the qualifier and fourth in the championship. This team coached by Patty Milligan also earned points at the American Royal to earn the reserve high point award. Against the older riders, this team also fared well with a win at Big D and top shows at Oklahoma Centennial and Midwest.

Kelsey Price won virtually everywhere she went with Fox De Jour. The world’s grand champion and world’s champion, however, didn’t happen to go anywhere else where 14 & under classes were offered. Instead they went up against the big kids and won and won and won. They won the 17 & under five-gaited classes at Kentucky Spring Premier, May Classic, Rock Creek, Lawrenceburg, Shelbyville and Kentucky Fall Classic. They earned 184 points in the older age group (earning reserve high point in this category) and 60 points in the younger age group. Had these two divisions been calculated together their 244 points would have topped the division! Congratulations on a great 2003 season Kelsey!

Other top young riders in the division who deserve accolades are Mountainview’s Agape, Callaway’s No Wonder, Bourbon and Jewels, Man to Man, Blazing Day PHF, Callaway’s Regatta, and Sunken Treasure.

Junior Five-Gaited

In a hard-fought battle, Debbie Foley and Callaway’s Lloyd Stark edged out Virgil Helm and Shame On You for Junior Five-Gaited High Point Report honors. Lloyd Stark and Foley were first or second at Asheville, Rock Creek, Kentucky Fall and the Mane Event. Plus, they earned a third place finish in the junior championship at Lexington and a seventh place finish at Louisville.

Virgil Helm and Shame on You captured the reserve title in the ASHA National Three-Year-Old Five-Gaited title at Louisville in addition to wins at UPHA Chapter 5, Midwest, Boone County and St. Louis.They finished just one point below Lloyd Stark to earn the reserve high point report championship.

Walterway’s Remember Me was shown more sparingly, but succeeded in winning the Five-Gaited Junior Championship at Louisville with Nelson Green for Kenny and Ceil Wheeler. The outstanding youngster also won both classes at Lexington and was reserve in the Open Gelding class at the American Royal (no points in this division).

Always an exciting division with previews of open battles to come, look for My Pepper Ann, Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, Liquid Thunder, She’s A Red Hot Chili Pepper, Along Came A Spider, Roseridge’s Gold, and Memories Paragon in a show ring near you!

Five-Gaited Pony

The five-gaited pony division was small but feisty all season long with disputes about measurements haunting the entire division. Regardless of these disputes, there were 29 horses which earned points in the category.

Topping the division was Ali Judah and Champagne in Winter. Reserve world’s champions, this Kalarama-trained team also won one class at Lexington (and earned a reserve in the championship) as well as winning at Bonnie Blue, Asheville, Rock Creek and Kentucky Fall Classic. All in all, they earned 161 points from nine classes at six shows.

Jake’s Little Big Man and Meredith Smith stayed in the Carolinas except for a stopover at Lexington Junior League where they earned fifth in the qualifier. However, strong shows at ASAC, Asheville, Blue Ridge and the North Carolina Championships earned them 140 points to win the reserve high point award.

Cyndi Simmons and her CH Sammyshine shine in third place in the High Point Report. The world’s champions and reserve world’s grand champions are prepared by Cape Cod Farm. They also won at River Ridge, Rock Creek, Cleveland Classic and earned two third place awards at Lexington Junior League to earn 135 points.

Rounding out the top 10 High Point Report champions are Small Packages, Little Lord Huntley, The Dreamcatcher, Jewels For A Lady, CH The Champagne Lady, SS Kentucky and Run For The Border.


In a competitive division of 208 horses, you had to show to win and that is exactly what Steel In Love did. Showing 13 times, five times more shows than the next most frequent shower in the top 10, Steel In Love and Kim and Fran Crumpler made their mark on the division. Kim started the season out in the saddle winning at Gasparilla and Tampa; Fran then took over and won at Indianapolis, Cleveland Classic, Illinois State Fair, St. Louis and Penn National. Top shows at Rock Creek and the American Royal plus a reserve world’s championship brought their point total to 162, five more points than world’s champion Royal Messenger.

Royal Messenger won the Over 15.2 World’s Championship and was reserve in the world’s grand championship with Melissa Moore directing for owner Robert Lilley. Only a four-year-old, this exciting young star also earned additional points in the junior three-gaited division, which had they been in the open division would have put him over the top in the point standings. If he doesn’t get snapped up for the amateur division, expect this one to really give world’s grand champion An Heir About Her a run for her money in 2004! Royal Messenger and Moore won their blue ribbons at Asheville, Devon, Lexington Junior League, Penn National and the American Royal - all against the older horses! Congratulations on a great year!

Callaway’s Sugarplum was just behind in the points with 143 points earned in eight classes at five shows. Wins at Asheville, Rock Creek, Lexington and the Mane Event complemented a third and fourth place finish at Louisville to earn this coveted spot in the top 10. David Nierenberg owns this talented young mare who is trained by Debbie Foley.

The other outstanding members of the top 10 include Glider’s Star, The Border Star, Lime Twisted Gin, Blacklisted, Callaway’s Merry Go Round, The Harlem Bay and Sacre Bleu. Congratulations to all of these winners!

Ladies Three-Gaited

World’s Champions Ladies Three-Gaited 15.2 & Under Erin Boggs and To Die For top our High Point Report Ladies Three-Gaited category with 146 points. Sometimes shown open as well, Boggs and To Die For had strong shows at River Ridge, Bonnie Blue, Rock Creek, Lexington, Dayton and of course Louisville in the ladies division. James and Kristin Campbell own this perennial favorite walk-trot horse.

Phillipa Sledge and the elegant CH Lady Periana claim the reserve spot in the High Point Report. Winners virtually every time they enter the ring, the World’s Grand Champions Three-Gaited Ladies also won at Tampa, Bonnie Blue, Lexington Junior League and the Kentucky Fall Classic.

In addition to being shown in the open division by Rob Byers, Pas De Deux and owner Rosemarie Fernandez made quite the impression on the ladies walk-trot division. Their debut show at Rock Creek netted a Ladies Three-Gaited Stake win. Strong shows at Shelbyville and the World’s Championship Show led up to two impressive wins at the American Royal. Watch for an exciting 2004 with this team tuned up and ready to go!

The remaining members of the illustrious top 10 include CH Times Mirrored ERB, CH Supreme Inheritance, Amber Lager, My Grande, Carolina’s Top Gun, Page Me and Vision Heir.

Amateur Three-Gaited

Doug Lindstrom topped the amateur three-gaited category by showing 13 times at seven different shows and winning a reserve world's championship in the Amateur Gentlemen Three-Gaited class. Under the guidance of Cary Volz, Lindstrom and Just Special won classes at Des Moines Springfest, FASH, Madison, Tanbark, Wisconsin Futurity and the American Royal. These wins, three reserves and a second and seventh place tie in Louisville gave the High Point Report champions 186 points.

Reserve in the competitive division of 184 horses was the team of Vicki Reed and Firecracker Jack. Another team that likes to show and consistently performs, Vicki and Firecracker Jack showed 15 times at eight shows to earn top ribbons and 183 points, only three points behind the High Point Report champion. A third and sixth place finish at Louisville completed their point total.

World's Grand Champion Ladies Amateur Three-Gaited and World's Champion Amateur Ladies 15.2 & Under In My Heart and Carol Hillenbrand claimed third in the Amateur Three-Gaited High Point Report category. Splitting points between the Ladies Three-Gaited and Amateur Three-Gaited categories, Hillenbrand and In My Heart still managed to earn 182 points in the amateur category alone where they finished in the third spot. For the entire season in both categories, the talented team showed 12 times at six shows and won 10 of those times! Pretty impressive, don't you think?

With only four points between the top three point getters, it's obvious this is a very competitive division!

Other past, current and future world's champions completing the top 10 are Strapless, CH Yes It's True, CH Harlem's Town Scandal, Callaway's Buttons and Bows, Hayden Fox, CH Man On The Run, and Callaway's Abigail Adams.

Junior Exhibitor 17 & Under Three-Gaited

Winning the division by a landslide, Kate Bryan and CH Sportster earned 213 points from the six shows they attended. With wins at J.D. Massey, Asheville, Lexington, ASHAV and North Carolina State Fair and a fourth place finish at Louisville, this team beat the next highest point winners by almost 80 points.

Reserve High Point Report Champions were Pagan Prince and Laura Dozer. Pagan Prince is owned by Diane Sembler, but DeLovely lovely Laura Dozer showed throughout the 2003 season earning a third place finish at Louisville and making top shows at Asheville, Kentucky Fall Classic and the American Royal.

Just behind her was Abby Jones and Viola Madden with 129 points. Wins at Chattanooga Charity, Blue Ridge and Southeastern Charity, plus two ribbons at Louisville helped the Stafford-coached team attain their top 10 points.

Other champions in the Top 10 High Point Report include Made Ya Look, CH Mogul, CH New York Cheesecake ERB, Chaka Zulu, Albelarm Elegant Lady, Aurora Borealis and CH Radiant Success.

Junior Exhibitor 14 & Under Three-Gaited

Another talented young rider who often goes against the older riders and wins is Aaron Stump. World’s Champion Junior Exhibitor 11 & Under Three-Gaited, Stump and Undulata’s Perfect Gift ERB won classes at J.D. Massey, Bonnie Blue, Rock Creek (although this was a 17 & under class), Blue Ridge, Southeastern Charity and the American Royal. With only six of their 12 classes counting in this division (as they were for the younger age group), the team earned 110 points to win the High Point Report.

Ali Judah is once again at the top of the charts, this time with reserve world’s champion CH Radiant Success. This talented young team showed 13 times at seven shows with only five of these classes being in the 14 & under age group. Even still with wins at Kentucky Spring Premier (in 17 & under), Asheville, Rock Creek (in 17 & under) and Lexington, the team earned 103 points, just seven points behind the High Point Report Champion.

Sarah Wood and Callaway’s Dubonnet earned third place in the High Point Report. Strong showings at Asheville, Midwest, Kentucky Fall Classic and Louisville in the 14 & under division and two strong classes against the older riders at Harrodsburg, the DeLovely team earned this award with 94 points.

Other top 10 champions are CH Heart of Blue, CH French Silk Stockings, CH Evening Dazzle, My Coco Chanel, Callaway’s Sunday Edit, Promise To Dance and Up In The Heir.

Junior Three-Gaited

The exciting three-year-old I’m A Hot Ticket and Jackie Tanner top the High Point Report’s junior walk-trot category. With no three-year-old category of their own, three-year-old classes earn junior points, and this outstanding youngster won with 97 points in their five classes. In addition to being the Reserve World’s Champion Three-Gaited Three-Year-Old, Ticket won at the All American, Wisconsin Futurity, Kentucky Fall Classic and then capped off the season by winning the UPHA Three-Gaited Classic. What a terrific season for such a beautiful team. Congratulations to owner Joan Macfarlane.

Laura and Mary Jane Gralton are pretty excited about their own three-year-old. Scott Matton directed Callaway’s Little Dipper to strong shows at Midwest, Tanbark, Wisconsin Futurity, Mane Event and the American Royal to claim the reserve high point award.

The Reserve World’s Grand Champion Junior Three-Gaited and Reserve World’s Champion Callaway’s Thomas C Reynolds and Todd Miles earned 91 points to finish in third place in the High Point Report for DeLovely Farm. Some of those points were earned by former owner Sandy Reed and Mike Breeggemann before being purchased by Raymond and Lillian Shively.

Other outstanding junior three-gaited horses include The Perfect Blind Date, Shezacat, Who’s The Pheirest, Exotic Times, World’s Grand Champion An Heir About Her, Callaway’s Haley’s Comet and Reedann’s Phire Up.

Three-Gaited Pony

Not many riders love to show any more than young Shelby Gregory. Three-gaited pony classes weren’t offered everywhere, but where they were, you’d find Shelby. Showing in 12 classes at eight different shows, the cute team tops our High Point Report with 165 points. Starting their season with a win at the May Classic, Gregory and High Point’s Fantasia went on to strong shows at Rock Creek, Midwest, Lawrenceburg, Lexington, Shelbyville, Southeastern, Kentucky Fall Classic, and of course, Louisville, with a third place finish in the younger age group. Congratulations to Shelby and to the McConnell Stables on this outstanding achievement.

Yasmin Wazir and Lost Token are another beautiful team in this division. This elegant senior rider won classes at Kentucky Spring Premier, Rock Creek, Lexington, Shelbyville and the Kentucky Fall Classic in addition to finishing in third in the 14-17 age group at Louisville to earn 144 points and the reserve high point championship. Wazir rides under the direction of the Biggins Stable.

Brittany Ann McGinnis and her Simbara’s Audacity jumped into the three-gaited division with much success in 2003! They made top shows at Asheville, Indianapolis, Lexington and the American Royal. In addition they really turned it on at Louisville to win the 13 & under qualifier and to even beat the much senior riders in the Three-Gaited Pony Stake. Quite an accomplishment for this young equestrian. McGinnis is a proud product of the DeLovely riding program.

Other outstanding young riders in the three-gaited pony division are Royalty in Black, CH Callaway’s Career Girl, Cameo’s Carte Blanche, Callaway’s Viscount, Sarah Katherine, Callaway’s Topaz and Bi Mi Champagne Tate.

Three-Gaited Park

An extremely popular division, 310 different horses earned points in the park division with the winner earning 189 points, over 50 more than the next challenger. Impressive Man and Scott Matton lit up the ring across the Midwest for owner Jane Tillman. They showed 14 times (the next highest number in the top 10 was nine) at seven different shows to earn these points. A third and fifth place finish at Louisville plus top showings at Mid America Spring, Milwaukee, Madison, Midwest, Mid America Signature, Wisconsin Futurity and the American Royal earned this talented team the High Point Report championship!

HMS Royal Winds and Amanda Bell were under the direction of Chris Reiser in 2003. Reiser himself tested the waters of the open division with two wins at Kentucky Spring Premier. Then Bell took over the reins and made two good shows at Rock Creek followed by two outstanding wins at Lexington Junior League. Add in a world’s grand championship in the Park Horse Stake and you have the makings of a successful season! Congratulations!

Brennan Baumer’s beautiful Another Bay teamed with John Biggins for open park competition with much success. Wins at Harrodsburg, Shelbyville, Louisville (in the stallion/gelding qualifier), Kentucky Fall and the American Royal were complemented by amateur titles earned by Baumer at Rock Creek Spring, May Classic, Kentucky Fall Classic and the American Royal (which added lots of fun, but not any points in the open division). Talk about a horse with a lot of heart and motor! All in all, across divisions, the horse showed 15 times at nine shows to 10 blue ribbons!

Other outstanding park horses in 2003 were CH Holy Fruit Salad, Go Baby Go, Mr. Machine, CSF Supreme Memories, Handsome Heir, Lotto America and Justa Rascal.

Amateur Three-Gaited Park

Chelsie Smith and CH Sanibel didn't have to travel to Louisville to earn recognition by the High Point Report. Strong performances at shows across Virginia and the Carolinas earned them 206 points to top the division where 218 horses competed. Wins at Raleigh, J.D. Massey, Roanoke, North Carolina State Championship and North Carolina State Fair along with top performances at Asheville and Blue Ridge secured the top spot in the High Point Report in this division.

Luanne Kilday and her CH A Step Of Time are a favorite in the park division. Spending time both in the Carolinas with Steve Hanks and in Kentucky with Debbie Foley, this champion made top shows at J.D. Massey, Asheville, Rock Creek, Shelbyville and the Kentucky Fall Classic. Two reserves at Louisville were the icing on the cake of a terrific season!

Cheryl Friedman Allison got married in 2003, but her first love, her relationship with CH The Billy Bob continued to thrive. Starting off the season with two wins at Tampa, a newly married rider returned from her honeymoon to make top shows at J.D. Massey and Asheville before heading to Louisville. Third and sixth place finishes here were much to celebrate, but two wins at Southeastern Charity in the fall and a stellar start to the 2004 season with a win at Gasparilla (not counted in 2003 points) say they're a force to be reckoned with in 2004.

The best of the best in this division were the remainder of the Top 10 High Point Report Champions - Harlem's Gracious Lad, Callaway's Smart Angle, Ninety Eight Degrees, Cagin Martini, CH She's The Bess, Breathe and Blue Ridge Miles.

Fine Harness

Our High Point Report Champion in this division took a while to find his place. After trying out the park and even show pleasure driving divisions, trainer Danette Musselman settled upon fine harness for Dances On Air with successful results. A win at Illinois State Fair and then a third place finish in the championship at Louisville, were followed up by strong shows at ASHAV, Alabama Charity and the American Royal. In a division where horses are often shown infrequently, this gave the Misty Hills team 161 points to claim the division of 133 horses.

Second place in the High Point Report was a tie between Ah What A Night and the world’s grand champion CH Callaway’s Copyright. Copyright is the two-time world’s grand champion and also enjoyed an undefeated season with wins at Midwest, All American and Kentucky Fall Classic. John T. Jones directs the world’s grand champion for Fox Grape Farms.

Ah What A Night also earned 130 points by showing eight times at seven shows in the open division. Trainer Mike Roberts earned points at UPHA Chapter 5, Midwest, Lexington Junior League, Louisville, All American, St. Louis and the American Royal. Simone Sorenson owns this hardy standout by CF First Night Out.

The remaining top 10 champions include Capetown Talent, Sass With Class, CH Albelarm Sorcerer, New York Trend, Romanov, Gladys Knight and Kalarama’s New Sensation.

Amateur/Ladies Fine Harness

Cary's Moonraker and Margo Baird enjoyed a terrific 2003 season. Highlights might be hard to name but they might start with two incredible performances at Lexington Junior League to make two outstanding victory passes. A reserve world's championship in ladies amateur fine harness might be another. Add to that strong showings at Indianapolis, Midwest, Wisconsin Futurity, Mane Event and the American Royal and you get one fantastic season that ends with one more recognition - 2003 High Point Report Amateur/Ladies Fine Harness Champion. Robert Gardiner prepares this standout for the show ring.

Under the guidance of John Conatser, Metro Heirea and Eleanor Pedersen won the Amateur Ladies' Fine Harness World's Championship and were the co-winners of the High Point Report in this category. Other wins at Kentucky Spring, Blue Ridge, All American, Kentucky Fall and the American Royal in addition to a top three finish in the world's grand championship class, completed their point total of 188 among the 89 horses competing in this division.

Bill Shatner was once again in the top 10 with Call Me Ringo. Reserve World's Grand Champions Amateur Fine Harness, Shatner and Ringo showed 13 times at eight shows under the Sunrise Stables banner to earn 163 points.

Other top point getters were Just About Perfect, CH Tasty Charm, With Authority, Callaway's Head Over Heels, Kalarama's New Sensation, By Honor Bound and No Jacket Required.

Junior Fine Harness

Harlem’s Santa Fe was the brilliant black star in the junior fine harness division. Whether owner Susan Bartlett or trainer Chuck Herbert were at the lines, the results were stellar. This beautiful young mare won at Indianapolis Charity, Rock Creek, Shelbyville, All American, St. Louis and Calvary Episcopal in addition to earning reserve world’s grand championship and reserve world’s championship titles. Chuck Herbert also drove Harlem's Santa Fe to a reserve finish at the Royal.

Mike Roberts directed the beautiful young South African mare Tornaado's Tidal Wave to the reserve high point finish for owner Simone Sorenson. Top shows at Illinois Springfest, UPHA Chapter 5, Midwest, Lexington, St. Louis, All American Classic and the American Royal put this bright youngster in the reserve spot.

Carter Cox and The Great Gaspar won the ASHA National Three-Year-Old Futurity Fine Harness Finals. With wins also at Midwest and Lexington Junior League and the All American Classic, it’s no surprise that John Scheidt and Don Spear had to have him. Together with trainer Nelson Green, the purchase proved to be a good one when they captured the UPHA Fine Harness Classic Championship at the American Royal. Look for more exciting things in this division in 2004 from this outstanding three-year-old!

Other outstanding youngsters in this division include Catastrophis, So Fortunate, Pistolero, Wee Pee’s Meadows, Long Vue’s Sophisticat, Gone Platinum and Catalytic.

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