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Proper Saddle Seat Equitation Attire


The USEF Saddle Seat Equitation Committee would like to remind all Saddle Seat Equitation riders, instructors, and judges to be familiar with USEF rule EQ116 which clearly describes the proper attire for Saddle Seat Equitation classes. 


The current rules reads:  “Exhibitors and judges should bear in mind that at all times entries are being judged on ability.  However, neatness is the first requisite regarding a rider’s attire and the following requirements are based on tradition and general present-day customs.  Judges must eliminate those competitors who do not conform.  Adjustments to tack and attire for valid medical reasons are permitted provided the steward is notified prior to the class. Informal: Conservative colors are required (i.e. herringbone, pin stripes and other combinations of colors that appear to be solid).  Solid colors include black, blue, grey, dark burgundy, dark green, beige or brown jacket with matching jodhpurs; derby or soft hat (may wear protective headgear without penalty, see GR318.4) and jodhpur boots.  Only informal dress is permitted in Saddlebred Pleasure Equitation classes, day or night.  Formal: Even more conservative attire is required for evening classes.  Solid colors include dark grey, dark brown, dark blue or black tuxedo-type jacket with collars and lapels of the same color, top hat, jodhpurs to match and gloves, or dark-colored riding habit, accessories and jodhpur boots.  Formal riding habits are not to be worn before 6:00 p.m. and are not mandatory after 6:00 p.m.; exhibitors competing on Pleasure horses have the option to wear formal attire in Open equitation classes as specified by the rule.  Miscellaneous: Spurs of the unrowelled type, whips or crops are optional.”


If you have any questions regarding appropriate attire for this division, please contact the Breeds & Western Department at (859) 225-6986.



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