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Promoting the Young Hackney

On February 20, the American Hackney Horse Society and Foundation sponsored, "An Evening with Jim Aikman", in the Club Lounge at the Kentucky Horse Park. All members attending enjoyed a light buffet before the night was turned over to learn the "Why and How" factor of the outstanding success that the All American Cup has generated for the American Saddlebred by creator Jim Aikman. An educational, enjoyable and inspirational message was presented. Aikman, pointed out this is the third organization that has explored the success of the All American Cup, which speaks well of the program. A robust round of discussion followed the presentation. It was obvious that the members left with a very positive attitude.

It was noted at the American Hackney Horse Society Board of Directors meeting held on February 21st, to pursue revisions to the Limited Breeder’s Stakes Program that implemented some of the success points from the All American Cup.

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