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The Pro-Am Charity Presents The Great Tricycle Race

The Pro-Am Charity Horse Show, held this week in Perry, Ga., is pleased to present the Great Tricycle Race, benefitting the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) and the Super Convention.

The Great Tricycle Race will be held Friday evening, April 3, 2015 during the Exhibitor’s Party. Only 20 spots are available to race, and the top two fundraisers will be able to choose their tricycle. In addition, water guns will be sold for $10 and ponies to pitch will be sold for $5, to help “encourage” the racers, while a rider substitution will be sold for $100. These extras will benefit the Pro-Am Charity Horse Show.

The current riders in the running to race are:
1. Lark Henry
2. Jayna Taylor
3. Steve Wheeler
4. James Hale
5. Jackie Hale
6. Christy Parker
7. Maria Gilman
8. Sarah Russell
9. Pam Roush
10. John Conatser
11. Scooter Scheurich
12. Avery Bul
13. Jon Walker
14. Carolyn Walker
15. Rebekah Cloninger
16. Deanna Edgy
17. Chuck Hutchinson

The following have also been nominated, but need an extra boost to secure one of the three remaining race positions:

1. Charles Durrence
2. Justin Davis
3. Todd Miles
4. Doug Shiflet
5. Matt Shiflet
6. Caitlin Jarriel
7. Richie Fenambucq

To nominate your favorite horse person by credit card, please contact ASHA at 859-259-2742. Nomination envelopes will also be in the horse show office to nominate by cash or check. For more information, please contact event coordinator, Christy Parker at

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