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PNW Morgan Show Cancelled

A Message from Catherine Cloud:
To all of our officials, exhibitors and other interested parties: I am very sorry to announce that the PNW show scheduled for May 27-29 is now canceled due to the EHV-1 Virus. It was my sincere hope and belief that the scare over this would pass in time for our show to proceed as planned but that has not proven to be the case. Despite the fact that current infection is limited to horses closely connected to the Western Cutting Horse Championship in Ogden, Utah and the successful isolation of those horses; concern remains which has resulted in the closure of barns, caution by veterinarians and widespread cancellation of equine events. Some of you were ready to come, knowing that the risk is diminishing daily, that our venue is considered safe and sound and that your horses are healthy. A sufficient number of others have understandably been constrained by veterinary advice, closed barns and lack of consensus so that we have no choice but to cancel our event.

There are many details to sort through and I am sending this notice now so that you may cancel your plans. I will be back in touch soon with news about how this will be handled. Since we have another show coming up in August for our Morgan exhibitors; we're hoping that most of you will want to retain your refund credit for that event. It will likely be necessary for us to charge a nominal fee per horse to help us pay non-refundable expenses for this show. Sponsorships from Morgan exhibitors will be applied to the August PNW show unless you let me know otherwise. This is an unprecedented situation and I appreciate and thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support as we work through the details of canceling the show. Sincerely, Catherine Cloud

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