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Plans For 2014 HyLee Production and Consignment Auction

The HyLee Production and Consignment Auction has been an annual event since 2008 at HyLee Farm. Jackie Sweeney of HyLee commented on the sale, “We have enjoyed putting on the auction and working with Bill and Terry Addis. I feel the auction is having sellers and buyers come together for two days of positive Morgan interaction. We would still like to put on a live auction at HyLee Farm again this year but in order to cover costs I will need to have 38 consigned horses who will commit to be at the auction. In 2012 we had 43 head and in 2013 we had 27 consigned of which 10 head were owned by HyLee Farm. At this time I have about 10 outside consigned horses who are definite, but I will need another 27 to cover costs to put on the auction.   

“I will leave consignments open until August 15th and if there are not the numbers, we will not be holding the auction in 2014. This may be a reflection of more horses being sold privately or the fact that the numbers of young horses is down and owners are holding back young stock to finish them and not having an overload of prospects at this time. I thank everyone, buyers and sellers, who have been involved with the auction in the past.” 

The Preview is slated for October 31st at 5PM and the Auction November 1st at 11AM. Please contact Jackie Sweeney by August 15th at 608-437-5530 if you have an interest in consigning.

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