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PAST Act Update from American Horse Council

Please see information received from Julie M. Broadway, CAE®, President of the American Horse Council & American Horse Council Foundation. This statement was issued by Ms. Broadway in response to rumors that the PAST Act will be applied to all horse breeds and will come up for a vote on the senate floor very soon. 

The American Horse Council has been made aware that an effort is underway "to persuade breeds to not only withdraw support for the PAST Act, but to actively campaign against it. 

First, we (AHC) want to assure you that the PAST Act is restricted to the three horse breeds that continue to be the target of soring practices, including Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, and Racking Horses. We have spoken with a number of congressional offices and have been assured there is no plans to amend the senate bill to expand this.

Second, if the scope of the bill was amended beyond the three named breeds, AHC would oppose it.

Third, Bryan Brendle - AHC’s policy and legislative director was in Senator Crapo’s office just two days ago and confirmed they are trying to get a hearing but none has been scheduled."

Julie M. Broadway, CAE®
President - American Horse Council & American Horse Council Foundation
1616 H Street NW, 7th Floor Washington DC 20006
AHC general line: 202-296-4031

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