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Pacific Coast Awards Presented At Jingle Bell Horse Show

Editor’s Note: The Pacific Coast Horse Shows Circuit, Inc. includes Saddlebreds, Hackneys and equitation competitors from
California, Arizona and Oregon. Bill Hartman announced the awards and Mackenzie Lyttle presented at Saturday evening’s exhibitors’ party during the Jingle Bell Horse Show.

Five-Gaited Open
1. CCV Casey’s Final Countdown
Owned by Michele Macfarlane and Sisi Stables
2. Premier’s Belief
Owned by Hollett Farms and Stables

Three-Gaited Open
1. Victoria Lynn
Owned by Zazen Ranch
2. Periempress
Owned by Bob Facciola

Fine Harness Open
1. Brookhill’s Periday
Owned by Zazen Ranch
2. Fusilier
Owned by Keith Roberts

Park Open
1. Pernickety!
Owned by Alison Benz
2. The Georgia Peach
Owned by
Julie Streitfeld

Horse Open
1. The Main Man
Owned by Bob Facciola
2. Air Force One
Owned by Jim Nottage

Five-Gaited Amateur
1. Sprinkles
Owned by Michele Macfarlane
2. Full Spectrum
Owned by Martha Keck

Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor
1. Su Casa
Owned by Duck/Barrow/Quail
2. She’s A Keeper
Owned by Gentry Beauclaire

Three-Gaited Amateur
1. Aphrodite’s Tears
Owned by Lynda Lord
1. Like Sunshine
Owned by
Susan Valley Chen
2. Absolute Courage
Owned by Julie Streitfeld

Three-Gaited Junior Exhibitor
1. CH X’s And O’s
Owned by Zazen Ranch
2. None qualified

Fine Harness Amateur
1. No Jacket Required
Owned by Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Spalding
2. Sass With Class
Owned by Heather Greenbaum

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure
1. Forever Aptor
Owned by Gail Hooker
2. Hella Good
Owned by Lampe/Keck
2. Will’s No Doubt About It
Owned by Helen Taylor

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult
1. CH French Silk Stockings
Owned by Bill and Debbie Tomin
2. J. Peterman
Owned by Corrine Tomlinson

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor
1. CH A Magic Spell
Owned by John/Jacque Jarve
Altadena Starlight
Owned by Laura Denenholz

Show Pleasure Driving
1. Doubletrees Doubletake
Owned by Cathy Sauer
2. It’s Good Karma
Owned by Julie Greenbaum Belgrad

Five-Gaited Country Pleasure
none qualified

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure
1. Sunlight And Shadows
Owned by Michele Macfarlane
2. News Stand
Owned by Hannah Vandeventer

Country Pleasure Driving
1. Mardi Gras Mambo
Owned by Leanne Williams
2. CF Prowler’s Keepsake
Owned by Amy Vicker-Smith

Western Country Pleasure
1. CH Fiasco
Owned by Douglas Glick
2. I’m Lucky
Owned by Gen Hess

Hunter Country Pleasure
1. Winsdown King Of Diamonds
Owned by Kathleen March
2. Splendida
Owned by Breen Cullen
2. More For Your Buck
Owned by Pamela Polydoros

Hackney Pony Open
1. Heartland Candidate
Owned by Sandra Surber
2. Running Tab
Owned by Ed/Janet Ross

Harness Pony Open
none qualified

Hackney Pleasure Driving Pony
1. Heartland King Of Kings
Owned by Joanne Weiner
2. Heartland Entertainment
Owned by
Amy Barmeier Dru

Pony Open
1. P.T. Cruiser
Owned by Bob Facciola
2. Seamair’s Awesome Dancer
Owned by DeVault Farms, LLC

Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17
1. Siri Hadland
2. Laura Denenholz

Saddle Seat Equitation 13 and Under
1. Aly Young
2. Natalie Armstrong Grunnan

Saddle Seat Equitation 10 and Under Walk and Trot
1. Kirwan Kennedy
2. Caroline Rose Cherry

Pleasure 10 and Under Walk and Trot
1. Desert’s Indian Country
Owned by
Piney River Farms
2. Floris Van Nienke
Owned by Karl Hirschhorn

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