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Optimus Prime GCH Shines In The United Kingdom

With more than 1,000 horses attending the five-day Equifest in Peterborough, UK, Angela Conner Bulmer rode her new mount, 12-year-old multi-titled American World Champion, Optimus Prime GCH (Futurity French Command x Erotic Dancer), to win the Supreme Foreign Breeds Champion of the Show! This grand Morgan stud outshone 16 other breeds including Andalusians, Friesians, Nordic, Icelandic, Saddlebreds, Arabians, and an assortment of crossbreeds to win this top title.

Optimus Prime GCH looked every inch the champion. Not only did he carefully look after his rider, he truly turned many spectators’ heads too, no mean feat within the equestrian establishment in the UK! It seems that the UK Morgan is generating interest once again, making headway and standing their ground against all breeds. This is the future for the Morgan breed, exhibiting to all within the equestrian world and spreading the Morgan word!

Since his arrival in the UK, Optimus is trained by and under the direction of Trudy Connolly, head horsewoman at the Bulmers' Monnington Morgans.


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