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Open Letter to AMHA Members from Executive Director

Dear AMHA Members,

Pursuant to the recent settlement agreement between Hazelwood et al and AMHA, AMHA agreed to allow the plaintiffs to place a proposed bylaw change on the 2011 ballot related to director elections and board representation (professional vs. amateurs). The court did NOT order AMHA to implement these changes, nor does AMHA recommend and endorse the changes proposed by the plaintiffs. As part of the mediation and settlement, AMHA simply agreed to allow members to consider the plaintiffs' proposed changes and have a chance to vote for or against them.

The plaintiffs' proposed bylaw changes as agreed to by AMHA in the settlement have now been posted on the "Members Only" side of the AMHA website under the litigation tab. We encourage you to read them closely and weigh them carefully.

The AMHA board and staff do not feel the proposed changes bring any benefit to the Morgan horse or the organization. In fact, the proposed changes are very divisive to the membership, and will be difficult to implement and manage; likely resulting in using valuable resources that could be spent on breed promotion. We will provide you with a more detailed explanation as the election approaches.

Please feel free to contact any board director or myself if you have questions about the implications of these changes.

We urge you to become informed and vote on this important matter.

Best regards,
Julie Broadway, AMHA Executive Director, and the AMHA Board of Directors

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