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It's Official!

The Top Ten Champions In The SHR High Point Report!

Saddle Horse Report’s comprehensive high point program recognizes horses that show and win all season long.

This is our second year of the High Point Report and we made a lot of improvements. We had a terrific response from show managers and we received many more results in a more timely fashion. We added categories and made modifications in others.

The idea for this program initially began with a belief that horses should be recognized for their performances throughout the year. Much like NASCAR or PGA golf stats, we thought people would like to know throughout the year who was winning where and how often.

It was a massive undertaking. There are so many people who have invested so much time to make sure that we have developed the most accurate, comprehensive program possible.

Results were compiled from over 120 Saddlebred horse shows from 30 states across the country. Shows with a single judge are single point shows and points are earned for first through third place in these shows. Shows with a panel of multiple judges are double point shows and points are awarded for first through fifth place. The World’s Championship Horse Show is the only triple point show and points are awarded for all places at Louisville.

Thus, first place at a small show in Illinois pays 10 points, while a world’s championship title pays 30 points.

Besides the dedication of our staff, the reason this program is successful is the tremendous response we receive from you, our readers. We receive thousands of e-mails with compliments, suggestions and clarifications. We appreciate your overwhelming support and ask for your continued involvement.

All of our Top Ten High Point Report Champions received a frameable certificate and a logo pin to recognize their accomplishments. We hope that they will proudly wear the logo pin as a lapel pin, a back number pin or display it in their trophy case. Only Top Ten Champions will have these pins. We also rewarded the High Point Report Champions with personalized stadium chairs with their horse’s name and the category won embroidered directly on it.

We are very proud of the High Point Report and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Spend time reviewing who won in 2004 and how they got their points. Make plans for your show season in 2005 and as soon as show season gets going, you’ll be able to check the points which are updated daily as the shows happen.

In 2005 we are committed to bringing you the results and the high point statistics sooner than ever. We have enlisted the help of show management and show secretaries to bring you results faster than ever before. We are also going to expand the depth of coverage of our results. Single point shows will now receive points through fifth place. Double and triple point shows will receive points for all placings.

I would like to thank some very special people who bring the High Point Report to life for you. Specifically, I want to express my appreciation to Brad Rezza, Sally Carver, Jan Ontiveros, Cindy Throneberry, Leeann Mione and the production staff of Dabora, Inc. for their hard work and dedication!

We hope you enjoy this second annual keepsake edition of our High Point Report. We dedicate this issue to the wonderful horses and ponies that are out there showing again and again to keep us entertained!


Christy Howard Parsons

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