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Obituary-Janice M. Taggart


Janice Taggart


Janice M. Taggart, the mother of longtime exhibitor Becky Taggart, passed away on Thursday, Sept. 14. Taggart, although not a horsewoman herself, owned many of Becky’s horses with her. Together they were a familiar sight at horse shows across the country proudly exhibiting such stars as Nitro, Champagne Shenanigan, CH Mariachi and Sunken Treasure. Taggart and her daughter have had a long and successful collaboration with Texas trainer Jack Magill.

Even when she became wheelchair bound, she and Becky made it to shows such as Midwest, Lexington and Louisville as well as local shows Pin Oak, Oklahoma Centennial and Big D Charity, where Becky is a member of the Board of Directors. Horse show friends did miss her this summer as she had spent the past 18 months in a nursing home.

Burial is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 23 at Lakewood Cemetery Chapel in Minneapolis. In addition to her daughter, Becky, another daughter, Mary Kay Eastman and husband Joseph Eastman, as well as grandchildren Erik and Erin Eastman survive Taggart.

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