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Obituary...Tammy Holbrook

An early morning fire which gutted the house of the Wallace “Pop” Holbrook family in Scarborough, Maine, also caused the death of Holbrook’s daughter Tammy, age 45. Avid Hackney exhibitors throughout the New England area, Holbrook and her dad were great supporters of shows both small and large. They showed ponies in a number of divisions but were most fond of the roadsters.

The fire started in Tammy’s bedroom and quickly spread through the house. Pop Holbrook tried putting the fire out and was injured. Tammy had gone upstairs to help her mother, Gloria Holbrook, but Tammy did not make it out. Firefighters were able to save Gloria through an upstairs window although she was in critical condition with smoke inhalation.

According to friends of the family had bought a place in Florida and was planning on moving soon. Once Gloria is able the remainder of the family is moving to Florida but they have lost all possessions other than the ponies and some equipment. Their address in Florida is Wallace Holbrook, 250 Quail Rd., Frostproof, FL 33843.

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