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Obituary for CH Lite Fantasia

CH Lite Fantasia was laid to rest on April 9th. She will be sadly missed by Dr Howard & Bobbye Six and Mike and Kathy Barlow who trained her to all of her under saddle wins for Bobbye Six.

CH Lite Fantasia was foaled on April 30, 1981 and began her show ring career in harness with Tom Ferrebee. She was sold to Dr Helen Neave in 1987 and was then trained by Mike and Kathy Barlow for the remainder of her career.

The Sixes purchased her in 1993 and she was shown to many wins from New England to Louisiana by Bobbye. Her last show was at Baton Rouge in 1997 and she spent the remainder of her life enjoying retirement at the Sixes farm in Rockvale, Tennessee.

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