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NWSA Convention & Awards Banquet A Big Hit


CLACKAMAS, Ore. -- The 2006 NWSA Convention and Awards Banquet, held Jan. 20-22, 2006, was a huge success. Highlights included a warm reception on Friday, a NWSA Youth Breakfast Saturday, a general membership meeting, an afternoon luncheon, fashion show, UPHA meeting and a Saturday social hour.

Retiring president Jean Maguire presided over Saturday's general membership meeting. The meeting was very informative and important updates were received from all board members in their particular area of

Courtney Hayden reported that the organization's membership grew considerably in 2005 and that it is at its all-time high. She also reported that the Silver Circuit had an outstanding year. Allison Deardorff, trainers' representative and youth activities representative, outlined the success of youth programs in 2005. Numerous additional reports were given throughout the day and many open and lively discussions proved the association indeed had a great year.

Elections were also held at the convention, and Gary Hayden of Spokane, Wash., will serve as president for 2006. The other vacancy on the board was filled by Dennis Blacklaw, who will be in charge of fundraising.


The NWSA Awards Banquet was also well-received and attendees were able to listen to popular guest speaker Smith Lilly. Lilly discussed his philosophy on training horses, show and the selection of the right horse for an amateur. For more than two hours, Lilly captured his audience with his presentation, which was followed by a very informative question and answer session.

The NWSA Hall Of Fame Awards were also given out, along with the NWSA 2005 Silver Circuit Awards. The great weekend wrapped up with a hearty Country Breakfast Buffet at the nearby Deardorff Stable in Molalla, Ore. Results follow:
2005 Silver Circuit Awards

Five-Gaited Open
Champion    Miss Genevieve    Ginger Failor
Res. Champion    Doubletrees Exceptional    Don Deardorff

Five-Gaited Amateur
Champion    Full Spectrum    Martha Keck
Res. Champion    General's Command Pilot    Jodi Venning-Oliver

Five-Gaited Junior Horse
Champion    She's Quite A Honey    Karen Lachman
Res. Champion    Santana's Little Bird    Bonnie Baker/Tim Hopf

Five-Gaited  Juvenile
Champion    CH Doubletrees Firecracker    Willard Deardorff
Res. Champion    Wonderful Touch    Karen Kronman

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure
Champion    Hometown Show    Robyn Hayden
Res. Champion    Doubletrees Caper Style    Karen Lachman

Five-Gaited Country Pleasure
Champion    Marywood's Music Man    Andrea Corbett
Res. Champion    Hunt's Confidence    Peggy Kelber

Three-Gaited Open
Champion    Blueprint For Happiness    Doug Cross
Res. Champion    Dresden Queen    George Timmons

Three-Gaited Amateur
Champion    CH Santana's Kiss    Sandy Whitehouse
Res. Champion    The Great Santini    Delores Glascoe

Three-Gaited Junior Horse
Champion    Callaway's Emancipation    Patricia Buchanan
Res. Champion    Hero's Forever Ablaze    Pamela Heiman

Three-Gaited Juvenile
Champion    Doubletrees Aqua Blue    Peggy Kelber
Champion (tie)    Callaway's Typographer    Singing Hills Stable

Fine Harness Open
Champion    Lady Treasure    Martha Keck
Res. Champion    Water Water Everywhere    Tim Hopf

Fine Harness Amateur
Champion    (SA) Dorian Warrior's Song    Bill Blacklaw
Res. Champion    Black Knight On Broadway    Walt Knowlen
Res. Champion (tie)    Water Water Everywhere    Tim  Hopf

Fine Harness Junior
Champion    Endeavor    George Timmons
Res. Champion    Doubletrees Just A Caper    Don Deardorff
Res. Champion (tie)    Mythical Hero    Pam Heiman

Park Horse Open
Champion    Red Oak's Imagine Me    Brenda Corbett
Res. Champion    London Times    Kathy O'Brien

NWSA Park Horse
Champion    Gypsy Dazzle    Sally Unterseher
Res. Champion    Tyger Prince of Silver Oaks    Lisa Lesch

Park Pleasure Horse
Champion    Snow Lovely Of Silver Oaks    Lisa Lesch
Res. Champion    Oakwood's Sonata    Whispering Winds Farm

Roadster Horse Open
Champion    Posse Man    Harry Chapman
Res. Champion    Run Forrest Run    Allison Deardorff

Roadster Horse Amateur
Champion    Posse Man    Harry Chapman

Hackney Pony Open
Champion    Heartland Newsmaker    Bobbie Anne Welch
Res. Champion    Running Tab    Ed Ross

Hackney Harness Pony
Champion    Impress My Daddy    Barbara Blacklaw
Res. Champion    Question Heir    Whispering Winds Farm

Hackney Pleasure Pony
Champion    Editor In Chief    Gayle Buck
Res. Champion    Fire Devil    Bobbie Anne Welch

Hackney Roadster Pony
Champion    Fire Devil    Bobbie Anne Welch
Res. Champion    Breezeland's Traviata    Jennifer Rumberg

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult
Champion    Doubletrees Well Kept Secret    Rhea Turner
Res. Champion    Doubletrees Royal Request    Leslie Pierce

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Rider
Champion    Doubletrees General's Shadow    Christopher Hunt
Res. Champion    Top Executive    Amanda Echols

Show Pleasure Driving Adult
Champion    Marywood's Resurrection    Sharyl Buehler
Res. Champion    Heirlee    Barbara Blacklaw

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Adult
Champion    Hopeful's Sensation    Heidi Cuddeford
Res. Champion    Mahvalous Revival    Kathy Crause
Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Junior Rider
Champion    Doubletrees Twenty-One Guns    Chelsea Copenhaver

Country Pleasure Driving
Champion    Santana's Girl Talk    Tim Hopf
Res. Champion    Marywood's Music Man    Andrea Corbett

Western Country Pleasure Adult
Champion    Doubletrees Phi Beta Kappa    Courtney Hayden
Res. Champion    Personal Value    Dawn Dumas

Western Country Pleasure Junior
Champion    Prince Ash of Tryton    Anndres Olson
Res. Champion    Doubletrees Twenty-One Guns    Chelsea Copenhaver

Hunter Pleasure
Champion    Tyger Luv of Silver Oaks    Holly Bahr
Res. Champion    Marywood's Music Man    Andrea Corbett

Champion    Doubletrees Social Chairman    Nicole Collier
Res. Champion    Rainier Belle    Bonnie Baker

Walk-Trot 10 &  Under Pleasure
Champion    Master Of Ceremonies    Kalie Burton

Saddle Seat Equitation 11-13
Champion    Page Copenhaver
Res. Champion    Kimberley Erickson

Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17
Champion    Laura Liberty
Res. Champion    Chelsea Copenhaver

Ashley Burton, Devon Corbett, Hunter Corbett, Carly Cuddeford, Addison Olson, Kaija Olson, Preston Paparo, Elsie Unterseher

Academy Rider 17 & Under
Champion    Kalie Burton
Res. Champion    Nicole Sidebotham

Academy Rider 18 & Over
Champion    Jacqueline White
Res. Champion    Connie Danielson

Youth Of The Year Award
Kimberly Erickson

2006 Hall Of Fame Inductees

CH Starheart’s Ballerina (Five-Gaited), Color Wave (Five-Gaited and Parade), My Song (Five-Gaited), Why Worry Coralita (Five-Gaited), Sea Secret (Fine Harness and Three-Gaited), Doubletrees Fashion (Five-Gaited), CH Cedar Creek Cactus Flower (Five-Gaited), Ironwood Anne (Five-Gaited), CH Marlene
Stonewall (Three-Gaited), Doubletrees Blackfire (Pleasure), Doubletrees In Command (Three-Gaited), CH Summer Prince (Five-Gaited)

Jacqueline LeBeck, Diane Gueck, Lucy Betcone, Mary Zeeb, Aggie Maxson, Donna Hall

Charles Court, Lester Corbett

Road Horses
Welcome Lady, Sunday Saint, Sundown Lad, Spitfire

Why Worry Token (Cob Tail), Polly's Masterpiece (Cob Tail), Kerr's Sun Man (Cob Tail), Holiday Cheer (Harness Pony)

Breeding Stallions
Victor Stonewall, King's Farewell

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