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"Nothing But The Truth" - Trainers' Tales


Everyone loves a good horse story. "Nothing But The Truth" is a rare collection of humorous and interesting horsemen's stories. These stories are written as each was told, word by word. Merrill Murray, David Mountjoy, Dudley Abbott, Carter Cox, Dale Sloat, Marty Mueller, Lonnie Lavery, Paul St. Charles, Jimmy Robertson, Claude Shiflet, Tommy Clouse, Jim Aikman, Bob Brison, Randy Cates, Raymond Shively, John Conatser, Steve Demjen, Jim Taylor, Jim McIntosh, Janet Keesling, Scott Matton, Danette Musselman, Richard Obenauf, Phil Price, John Scott, Rob Wilson, Ellen Beard-Arnold, Ed Bennett, Tom Sworm, Phyllis Harris, Lisa Uhde, Chuck Herbert, Pat Kennedy, Bob Jenkins, Munford Greer and Larry Carver tell stories on themselves and others.

This is the first volume of "Nothing But The Truth." Additional trainers' stories will be published in two or more volumes. Volume II will be available in November 2007 and Volume III will be available in November 2008.

Stories were collected and written by Sandra McIntosh and will be published and sold by UPHA Chapter 11. All proceeds will benefit UPHA Chapter 11.

The first volume is now available for mailing. The cost is $15 plus postage. To place your order please visit or send a check along with the name and address to where the book should be sent to:

Mindy Preston
809 Sunset Drive
Noblesville, IN 46060


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