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A Note To Morgan Youth

My name is Djamie Soejoto and I am excited to say that I am the 2005 American Morgan Horse Association Youth Region 7 Vice-president! This is a wonderful opportunity, and I know this will be a spectacular year for the youth program. I have many plans that I would like to bring forth, and I hope to be getting more kids involved in the youth activities. The AMHAY offers a variety of programs, activities, and scholarships for all ages, and I will be educating the youth members on ways they can get involved. My major objective for the year is to attract more active members by promoting and teaching the history of the Morgan horse. My other goals for this year include:  

        -  Publicizing AMHAY programs
        -  Raising money for the youth in each state of our region
        -  Organizing more events for kids
        -  More youth news updates
        -  Completing any unfinished business from last year

I am looking forward to working with other regional representatives to create an educational and enjoyable youth program. I strongly encourage anyone with an interest in the Morgan breed to become an AMHA or AMHAY member today! I guarantee I will work hard for a fantastic year, but I will need all the help I can get. If you have any ideas or would like to help, feel free to contact me. Djamie Soejoto, AMHAY Region 7 VP, 9815 Heidi Way Auburn, CA 95602, (530) 880-2728.

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