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No Bones About It.....


Hidden Dreams Farm of Milford, Michigan has certainly made headlines of late. After an intensive two-week search by the FBI for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa on the grounds of Hidden Dreams Farm, farm owners Paula Messier, Tina Lessnau and Tom Iannucci report they have about used up their 15 minutes of fame.

“Once the initial shock that this was actually taking place on our farm began to wear off and getting accustomed to seeing the farm on the nightly news, we set about the business of getting the horses in training with Damian Hyde Stables (including Morgans and Saddlebreds) settled into their temporary quarters. The search has been concluded and nothing was found. Daily routine once again settles in at Hidden Dreams Farm and the process of rebuilding our barn will begin shortly.  Throughout this unique situation there are a number of folks that we would like to thank;

1. The Michigan horse community for their generous offers of stabling and assistance.

2. Special thanks to Jamaica Tent Company for an amazingly quick delivery and setup of the temporary stalls and tent!

3. Kudos to the FBI and local law enforcement agencies for the first class way that this entire situation was handled. We were extended every courtesy possible as they carried out their duties.  They were extremely respectful of the daily operation of the farm and the care of all of the horses.

4. Our barn staff for their flexibility in handling everything that came up.

5. Last, but not least, our customers for their cooperation and understanding during this time.”

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