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Nightwatch Pre-Order Now Available

After much anticipation, Saddlebred enthusiasts can now pre-order the revolutionary NIGHTWATCH™ smart halter/collar online at at a special introductory price starting at $499.99 for a limited period of time. Delivery is anticipated this summer.

Since first being announced in April 2015 and presented in Louisville last Summer, NIGHTWATCH™ has garnered international acclaim from both equestrian and technology communities. Forbes says this biomedical device is “game-changing” and states “none of the 16 wearables can do what NIGHTWATCH™ does.” Others also recognize this is so much more than a FitBit® for horses. Horse Collaborative declares “The NIGHTWATCH™ smart halter might just save your horse’s life,” while Horse Nation proclaims “The NIGHTWATCH™ smart halter may be the ultimate tool for tracking equine health.”

NIGHTWATCH™ isn’t the brainchild of some boardroom executives. Rather, NIGHTWATCH™ is a labor of love that began in 2013 when Jeffrey Schab (Founder & CEO of Protequus LLC) and his partner (Wade Giles) lost their beloved American Saddlebred (Undulata’s Nuts and Bolts, “Snoop”) to a rare colic event overnight. Snoop lived a short 8 years. He died, alone in his stall.

Following Snoop’s death, Jeffrey was driven to make a difference. His sense of loss was only paralleled by his frustration with the status quo and perceived complacency within the industry. As two-time World’s Champion equestrian and biomedical engineer with 15+ years of experience in human healthcare, he committed to a new path that would bridge his professional expertise with his personal passion. It’s with this dedication to our four-legged friends that he leads theNIGHTWATCH™ program, and excited to bring this to market for horses domiciled in the US and Canada this Summer.

NIGHTWATCH™ is easy. Simply set it and forget it. Once you set-up your horse’s profile online, much like an ADT security system for your home, place the all-leather breakaway halter or safety collar that has designed by Freedman’s ( on your horse and sleep a little easier knowing the system will automatically alert you and/or others via SMS/text, phone call, and email when your horse is in distress. Best of all, you don’t need to interpret any data yourself because the system will alert you when you need to act. Conversely, you can always gain access to insight and see real-time and historical data on your horse, including their EDI™ (Equine Distress Index™) score, from the convenience of a smartphone and the web. Your horse’s EDI™ score, which is exclusive to NIGHTWATCH™, is an objective measure of their relative distress at any given point in time and presented on a 10-point scale where 0 = normal/low distress and 10 = critical/high distress.

It’s ground breaking when an invention comes along with the potential to impact survival and quality of life outcomes. Yet, that is exactly what NIGHTWATCH™ is poised to do. NIGHTWATCH™ allows for earlier intervention of acute equine distress (eg, colic, stall casting), and removes the guesswork of understanding your horse’s well-being.


NIGHTWATCH™ ( is the World’s first equine distress and wellness monitor (patent pending), offered in the form or a smart breakaway halter or safety collar, designed to alert you at the early signs of equine distress, such as colic or being cast. This revolutionary biomedical device monitors real-time data on a horse’s vital signs and behaviors, works across cellular and Wi-Fi networks, offers GPS tracking, uses wireless inductive charging, and adapts to each horse over time as the system learns their unique and normal patterns and parameters. All technology (eg, sensors, microprocessors, transceivers, batteries) is non-invasively embedded within the padded leather crown of the halter/collar making NIGHTWATCH™ safe and comfortable for long-term use on horses in a variety of conditions at home, on the road, and while away at a show/competition.

About Protequus

Protequus LLC ( is a biomedical engineering firm in Austin, TX dedicated to equine health & safety, and on-track to bring NIGHTWATCH™ to market in the US and Canada by Summer 2016. Founded in 2013 by Jeffrey R. Schab, Protequus is comprised of advanced-degree science and technology professionals who share a relentless commitment to excellence and a passion for horses. Their pursuit to find a solution to combat the devastating impact of equine colic, the leading natural cause of death in horses, has put Protequus on the fast-track for success.

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