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News From The Canadian Hackney Society


The 2006 Canadian Hackney Society Annual General Meeting and Banquet are scheduled for March 4 at the Toronto Airport Marriott. It is not too late to purchase tickets - contact Barb at or (705) 733-5729.  Call (800) 905-2811 for room reservations.  The agenda for the weekend is posted at

Also note that the CHS Limited Breeder's Sweepstake Stallion Service Auction will be held on March 4 at the banquet. A complete list of stallions can be viewed at Anyone wanting to add a stallion or purchase a service should contact either Clare Hayes at: (705) 374-4871 or, or Jeff McCormick at (613) 489-9737 or This auction features some of North America's finest Hackney pony stallions and without a doubt the greatest list of Hackney horse stallion services ever compiled!!! Remember all bids are in Canadian dollars. It simply makes “cents” to purchase your 2006 stud service on March 4 in Toronto!

Important 2006 dates:
OVLHA Equine Consignment Auction - - May 13
OVLHA Horse Show - July 8
Kars Fair - July 15
Ontario Hackney Futurity - July 29
CNE Hackney dates are July 31 and August 1
Barrie Classic - CHS Sweepstakes & Futurity - August 26-27
Perth Fair - September 2
Richmond Fair - September 16 - judge: Rich Campbell
Metcalfe Fair - September 30
Royal Winter Fair - November 3-12

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