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Newly Released Saddle Seat Book Now Available

For the first time in a generation, and in greater detail than ever before, a new book on Saddle Seat riding and training is available.  Saddle Seat Horsemanship, written by world champion trainer Smith Lilly, takes a comprehensive and in-depth approach to describing all aspects of the show horse, including riding, training, showing, care and shoeing.  Beautifully illustrated by noted equine artist, James Walls, and peppered with terrific action photos, SaddleSeat Horsemanship offers much to riders of all skill levels and is a must-have for show horse enthusiasts of every breed.

Already receiving rave reviews from the pros, see what top trainers from across the equestrian world are saying about Saddle Seat Horsemanship

Redd Crabtree, Saddlebred Trainer:  "Smith Lilly has written a very insightful 'how to' book that will be a great read for the novice as well as the experienced horseman."

Tim Shea, Arabian Trainer:  "Did you ever think one of the top saddle horse trainers in his prime would take the time to write a book?  Well, Smith Lilly did AND it is a must-read for amateurs and professionals alike.  It is destined to be the definitive work on Saddle Seat training."

Tim Arcuri, Morgan and Saddlebred Trainer:  "Smith keeps this book simple enough for the beginner to find a foundation to start with, yet allows the experienced rider to find new ideas."

Joey Darby, Hunter and Jumper Trainer:  "Being a long time admirer of American Saddlebreds and their trainers, it is a pleasure to delve into this meticulous approach to horsemanship."

A great means for promoting the sport of showing horses,Saddle SeatHorsemanship offers a systematic approach to riding and training that equestrians from all backgrounds can appreciate and enjoy.

Available at finer tack shops and equestrian stores, order your copy soon for delivery before Christmas!

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