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New Wisconsin Futurity Three Year Old Incentive Class

The Wisconsin Futurity is introducing a new innovative program that is driven by the basics of The Dr. Rick Luft Limited Breeders’ Stake of Wisconsin Auction. This program is designed to promote showing and marketing of Three year Olds by offering a unique opportunity to win substantial prize money with any horse sired by a sold Stallion at Wisconsin Limited Breeders Auction which is held in January of each year. This class(s) is separate from the Futurity and horses showing are not required to be Futurity nominated.

How does it work? When a Stallion service is sold at Wisconsin Limited Breeders Auction any offspring from that Stallion is eligible for nomination to our Three Year Old Incentive Class. Eligibility is made through a one time nomination fee. The Stallion service buyer and Stallion donor nomination payment will be at a reduced rate. Example- A Stallion service is sold at the 2008 auction. Any mare bred to that Stallion in 2008 qualifies her foal by making a one time payment as a weanling by December 31, 2009 or at a larger one time nomination fee either as a yearling, two year old or three year old. The nominated colt shows in the 2012 Wisconsin Futurity Three Year Old Incentive Class(s) for a large purse. There is no limit to the number of offspring that may be nominated by each eligible Stallion

Nomination/Eligibility Process: The Stallion service must have been sold at the Breeders auction for any offspring to qualify. The following nomination dates and fees apply to all offspring from the sold Stallion:

One time nomination fee - Weanling @ $300 by 12/31. Stallion service buyer and Stallion donor fee is $200

One time post nomination fee - Yearling @ $600 by 12/31. Stallion service buyer and Stallion donor fee is $400

One time post nomination fee -Two year old @ $900 by 12/31. Stallion service buyer and Stallion donor fee is $600

One time post nomination fee -Three year old @ $1800 by 4/15. Stallion service buyer and Stallion donor fee is $1000

Prize Money: If the total purse is $10,000 or less there will be only one class (Park Pleasure) If the total purse exceeds $10,000 there will be two classes (Park Pleasure and Five Gaited) The total nomination fees accumulated from the above nominations will be paid out in its entirety in the Three Year Old class(es). Accordingly, one half of the prize money will be paid to the nominator of the eligible horse and one half of the prize money paid to the owner of the eligible horse at the time of show entry deadline

The first class will be in 2011 from the 2008 foal crop sired by eligible Stallions. A reduced payment is being offered for 2008 foals if nominated by December 31, 2009. Afterwards normal payment rates apply. To get and win with this new and exciting program, please contact Joe D. Russell at 815-341-6023 or Jayne Tillman at 847-838-6629. Visit for a list of eligible stallions and nomination forms for foals of 2008 and 2009.

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