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New Federal Legislation Affects Several Aspects of the Horse Industry

WASHINGTON, DC - It’s been a busy spring in Washington and the American Horse Council (AHC) offices. Federal representatives introduced nine new bills in Congress affecting the horse industry in one short month between the end of April and the end of May.

The new legislation includes bills concerning immigration in the House and Senate, two bills regarding Internet gambling in the House, a bill regarding a change to the tax code for horse owners in the Senate, insurance protection for recreational riders and federal legislation on animal identification.

“The issues dealt with in these bills touches anyone involved with horses,” said Jay Hickey, AHC president. “There are several bills pertinent to the racing industry and a very important bill concerning recreational riders. And immigration is a hot issue in Washington right now and affects any business in the industry that utilizes immigrant and guest workers.

“Some of these bills are similar or identical to bills that were introduced in the last Congress,” continued Hickey. “But others are new and it is important for anyone concerned with the horse industry to stay educated on legislation that could affect them.”

Do not forget that you can learn more about new bills and keep up to date on any pending federal legislation and regulations by visiting the AHC Web site at 

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