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New Equitation Class Announced

The UPHA Equitation Committee came out of the recent Convention with a new class they hope will be added to shows across the country. The Equitation Prospect Horse Class is open to Professionals, Amateurs and Junior Exhibitors and will be judged 60% on the rail and 40% on the workout. It will be judged ONLY on the HORSE with Performance, Manners, Precision and Attitude being the criteria. The rider’s form will not count and all horses in the class are required to perform the workout.

Class specs include: To be shown at an animated walk or flat walk, trot and canter. Horses to stand quietly. Transitions from one gait to another should be smooth and effortless. To be penalized: laboring action, pulling, tossing head and going sideways. Horses may be shown in other divisions or multi-breed classes at the same competition for which they are qualified. Classes are open only to mares and geldings. Stallions are prohibited. This is an open class and may be used as a preparatory class for another class at the same show.

The suggested workout is as follows: Execute a sandwich figure eight. All gaits must be performed on the correct diagonals and leads. Trot the first circle. Canter the second circle. Canter the third circle. Trot the fourth circle. Return to the line up at the trot, showing your horse.

For more information on the class please contact Ellen Beard, 270-556-5195 or email

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