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What's New in Equitation?


The Children's Benefit Horse Show at the Quentin Riding Club in Quentin, Penn., to be held July 27-30, has invited the East Coast Equitation Event to join forces for a dynamic 2005 horse show. The East Coast Equitation Event is a set of three saddle seat equitation finals: a Walk-and-Trot Final for riders 10 and under who have not cantered; a Junior Exhibitor Final for 17 and under riders: and an Adult Final is for anyone 18 and over.

These finals will be conducted with the prestige and organization of the National Finals. The Junior Exhibitor and the Walk and Trot finals will both have two phases. Riders in the Adult and the Junior exhibitor Finals will all do individual workouts. All three of these finals will be judged by three judges using a numerical system. The Children's Benefit Show and EEE are pleased to announce the judging panel for 2005 is Nancy Troutman, Patty Kent and Ian Degruchy.

To qualify:

Walk and Trot and Jr. Exhibitor riders must win an equitation class or place first or second in an equitation championship, since the previous EEE Finals.

Adult riders must have shown and been judged in an equitation class, since the previous EEE Finals.

Qualification is open to pleasure and performance saddle seat equitation riders on any breed of horse.

There are no residence requirements for qualification.

Riders are responsible for documenting their qualification and reporting it to Peggy Drummey 207 490-1508 or


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