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New Englanders Brave Cold to Attend Tournament


by Eryn Carter

The second of four New England winter tournaments was held on Jan. 15, 2006 at High Tail Acres, LLC in Newbury, Mass. The cold January weather returned just for the tournament. Exhibitors from eight barns competed in various classes throughout the day. The barns that ventured out for the tournament were Chrislar Farm, L.M. Turner Stables, Taylor River Farm, S & S Stables, Wright Way Stables, After Thought Farm, HMA Enterprises, and of course the host High Tail Acres.

Owner Dawn DelTorchio opened the tournament with a very warm welcome. The judge was Sheri Lampropoulos from Northgate Stables with Patti Bartsch serving as the ringmaster. Steven Boulay served as the announcer. Catie McCool held the Paddock Master duties and did a wonderful job of keeping everything in order.

The classes ranged from Beginner Leadline all the way up to Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter. Only horses used in the barns’ lesson programs could be used.

Many exhibitors use these tournaments as practice for the show season, while others may compete to show what they have learned in lessons and to eventually prepare themselves for the show ring.

This tournament was no exception. The exhibitors rode hard and had a lot of fun while doing it. Most of the classes were full, and some were split so there would not be too many riders in the ring. The tournaments are treated just as a regular horse show would be. The judge asked the riders to perform the required gaits, reverse, and line up after performing the gaits the second direction. It's wonderful practice for those getting ready for the upcoming show season.

Friends and family watched and cheered on every rider, and enjoyed the day thoroughly. The viewing area was packed and despite the cold temperatures people made the very best of the day and enjoyed themselves. During the lunch break, which everyone enjoyed, many hot meals were served allowing everyone to warm up.

Everyone was also treated to a demonstration performed by High Tail Acres' Alexis Pearson and her new mount for the 2006 season, Party for Two. This pair will be quite a sight in the junior exhibitor five-gaited

At the end of the day, everyone piled into their cars and headed home after another successful tournament and to prepare for the third one in February.

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