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New England Horse Show Dedication

2007 New England Morgan Horse Show

Dedicated To Noble Flaire





Reprinted from the 2007 New England Morgan Horse Show Program

The year was 1986. It was another sultry summer afternoon in Northampton during the New England Morgan Horse Show. The stable call had just been made for the Two-Year-Old Park Harness. Shortly, Tom Caisse appeared on the track with a bay colt. Those of us watching looked forward to the debut of another nice, young park harness horse from the always-impressive Kohler string. Whispers went up about which one this was, what the breeding was. By the time the colt made the last turn of the track and was headed for the in-gate, however, we all knew that this was more than just another nice park harness entry – this colt was something extra special. By the time he finished the first straightaway, those of us who were lucky enough to see his debut knew without question that we were witnessing the birth of a legend. This park harness division would be changed forever by this high-trotting, high-headed newcomer by the name of Noble Flaire. Throughout the class every step was bigger and better until the entire audience was on its feet screaming and clapping in appreciation.


The rest of the story is in the record books. Never has a horse blazed such a career in the show ring or the breeding shed as Noble Flaire. His tremendous talent, conformation and show ring presence was re-emphasized every time he showed. His capacity to stir the emotions of any crowd that appreciated fine horses was phenomenal. His genetic strength as a sire was proven time and time again as he produced World Champions who in turn did the same.


We fast-forward twenty years over accomplishments too numerous to list. The attention of the Morgan world was again centered at the New England Morgan Horse Show and Noble Flaire’s name once more circulated throughout the fairgrounds like wildfire. It was somberly announced before the East Coast Park Saddle Championship that the legendary stallion had been put to rest on July 28, 2006, his ashes to be returned to his life-long trainer and friend, Tom Caisse.


Fast-forward once again to the New England Morgan Horse Show Committee meeting six months later. On the agenda was the dedication of the 2007 horse show. It is the tradition to honor an individual who has made a difference to the New England Morgan Horse Show as well as the Morgan breed. To a show committee that prides itself on innovative ideas, the suggestion to dedicate the show to a horse rather than a person was an easy choice. The 2007 show is to be dedicated to Noble Flaire. His presence had electrified the very same show ring that has witnessed so many of the Morgan breed’s early greats and been the scene of some of their most historic appearances. Beyond, this horse show, his performances brought the attention and admiration of the entire horse world to the Morgan breed. It seems appropriate that the show where his performance career began should celebrate his life in such a way.


Of course, Noble Flaire didn’t do it all himself. From his birth at Whitney Stables, he had Bob and Judy Whitney on his team. Herbert V. Kohler, Jr. purchased Noble Flaire as a weanling and owned him throughout his life and until his death at Kohler Stables where everyone who knew him, loved him. Noble Flaire was expertly managed, trained, and shown throughout his career by Tom Caisse, and he was maintained by a top team of veterinarians, farriers, breeding managers and caretakers. Tom Caisse’s faithful support of the horse, the horse’s team, the New England Morgan Horse Show and the Morgan breed are incomparable. We are all indebted to Tom Caisse, Herbert V. Kohler, Jr. and Noble Flaire for the great ride that it has been.


In gratitude of the memories he has left each of us, the recognition he has given the entire breed by his performances, and the progeny left to thrill us, the New England Show Committee proudly dedicates their 2007 show to Noble Flaire.


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