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New England Benefit Auction and Breeders Sweepstakes Draws in Big Numbers and Big Bucks

The annual New England Morgan Horse Show Benefit Auction was held Thursday, July 29, immediately following the Breeders Sweepstakes. The atmosphere was already one of excitement. Robin Rednor Veghte had organized the party that started before the Sweepstakes and ran well after the Benefit Auction. The indoor arena was sophisticatedly decorated with black, white, and grey balloons. There had been extra sawdust hauled in for the Weanling presentation area, and white picket fencing set up to separate the seating area from the show ring. Caterers were on hand to refill empty dessert trays and make sure everyone had their fill of chocolate covered strawberries and other delectable items. Thursday evening gave exhibitors a break from the heat of the afternoon, and by the time the sun had set for the night the temperature was a comfortable 70 degrees. After watching 29 weanlings compete for top honors, and after the excitement of the winning placings being announced had calmed down Bill Carrington took center stage and began auctioning off 11 donated items to eager spectators. The highlight of the auction were a pair of stallion services to World Champions Serenity Masterpiece and HVK Bell Flaire. Karen and Michael Super of Clayhill Farm donated a breeding to Masterpiece with Mark and Melissa Wahl on hand to assure that the breeding came with no restrictions, and that a live foal was guaranteed. Hands began flying in the air as breeders from across the country competed for the breeding. In the end Dwayne Knowles offered the winning bid of $10,500 for Cindy Nord. Barbara and Arthur Jones again graciously donated a breeding to HVK Bell Flaire and Jerry Modell walked away with the highly coveted breeding for a sum of $4,500. Last year the committee had received two week long Caribbean Cruises donated by Amy Wilson Scott. This year they were able to not only secure two week long cruises, donated by Grove Point Stables and clients along with Peeper Ranch and clients, but a week long European trip of choice. (The options being Paris, Rome, or London) This European vacation was possible by the generous donation of John and Amy Wilson Scott of Tall Tails Farm and Wildhurst Morgan Farm. The European vacation went to Priscilla Marconi after much encouraging from Show Chair Fred Nava and announcer Bill Carrington for the grand total amount of $5,200. The top bid for the Western Caribbean cruise was made by Ilene Goulette for $4,000. Patty Morrison will be heading to the Eastern Caribbean with her bid of $3,000. These vacations are for two people and include round trip airfare. Somewhere in the madness of the bidding a generous sponsor stepped up and offered to bump the airfare to first class which really got the bidding rolling! The other auction items included a photo shoot by Debbie Uecker-Keough, a bronze sculpture by Maretta Kennedy, a Pennsbury Jog Cart from Rhode Island Tack, a $1,000 gift certificate from Churchwell's Jewelers, a custom outfit from Marsha D’Arriaga, the cover of the New England combined prize list, and the program cover painted by Jeanne Herrick of Saddleback Supreme. When all of the calculations were done the New England Morgan Horse Show had raised $34,158 on Thursday evening in little over an hour. As usual, all of the auction’s proceeds benefited the New England Morgan Horse Show. Because of events like the auction, and the wonderful support the auction receives from the exhibitors, the show committee is able to continuously improve the show and keep it as one of the industry's all time greats.

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