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Natural Three-Way Tie Results in Three Winners at Mane Event

At the recently held Mid America Mane Event Horse Show in Springfield, Ill., Thursday evening’s Amateur Fine Harness qualifier hosted four of the division’s top campaigners: CH Cary’s Moonraker, CH Kalarama’s New Sensation, Simbara’s Exclamation and Harlem’s C My Radiance.

Lonnie Lavery, Nelson Green and Edward Bennett called for the lineup and turned in their cards. The MOS (Majority Opinion System) resulted in a natural three-way tie among Moonraker, New Sensation and Simbara’s Exclamation. The tie, however, was not discovered until further examination of the cards after the class was over. CH Kalarama’s New Sensation had been called out as the winner of the class because she was tied first by Lavery, who served as the call judge for the class.

After the tie was discovered, manager Joy Meierhans offered each owner the opportunity to redo the class the following day. The owners declined and agreed to leave the class tied as a natural tie with all three horses sharing first place.

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