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Morgan Weanling Gala Receives Donation

The committee of the Morgan Weanling Gala is thrilled to announce that the Morgan Breeders Sweepstakes has donated $10,000 to its new program. "Kelli Ross, chair of the Breeders Sweepstakes, made the contribution to AMHI on behalf of the Morgan Weanling Gala," Chair Larry Bolen stated. "We appreciate their generosity and will put the donation to good use in years to come."

The donation will be put toward the Morgan Weanling Gala contingency fund that will in turn increase the overall class payouts. Bolen said, "Money had already been set aside for a contingency fund but with the Sweepstakes’ donation, we will be able to release more money into the winnings. It is a big boost for the program, and we are very grateful to Kelli and the former Morgan Breeders Sweepstakes."

The inaugural Morgan Weanling Gala will be held at the Jubilee Regional Morgan Horse Show, Sept. 3 in Springfield, Ill. The class will be open to all weanlings whose sires have been nominated to the program. More information about the event and entry information can be found at

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