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Morgan Weanling Gala Up To Date Nominations and Information

The Morgan Weanling Gala committee is pleased to announce that the Sixth Annual Event will be held at the Jubilee Regional Morgan Horse Show in Springfield, Illinois on August 28th. The Gala is a Morgan weanling in-hand class where offspring sired by nominated stallions compete for considerable prize money, awards and national recognition.

To date, the offspring of the following stallions will be eligible to compete in the class this fall: Astronomicallee, Balenciaga, Cingate Revelation, Hollybrook Stage Rage, Mastroianni, Minion Millennium, Roberto Cavalli, SLB Da Vinci, Spicolife Present Tense, The Ignitor and Whispering War Chant.

In late August, the foals will take the stage on Thursday evening to show their stuff to a large crowd of horse enthusiasts both in the stands and at home via the show’s live streaming. The show will offer a shortened session of evening performance classes followed by the Gala. After an exciting evening of competition, everyone is invited and will be entertained at the Gala After Party. Food, drinks and music will keep the Gala festivities alive.

Stallions are still invited to participate in the Gala by paying a higher nomination fee than prior nominators. Nominations will be accepted until July 15th for $3,000 and up until August 15th for a $3,500 fee. The class offers the largest money earning potential for Morgan weanlings, and showing is a beautiful way to promote offspring, win prize money and awards and the enjoyment of good spirited competition.

All Gala entries should be made on the official Jubilee entry form found in their prize list or online at The entry fee is $250 for foals entered between now and August 15th. After August 15th, the entry fee increases to $500 so it is advantageous to get your entries in on time.
You may nominate or find entry forms by going to the following websites and Requests may also be directed to Paulette Bodnar at [email protected], or Shanna Gish at [email protected].

Look for updated stallion nominations on the web site Check out our Facebook page for up to date information and photos of nominated stallions and offspring.

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