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Morgan Weanling Gala Announces New Performance Incentive Award

The Morgan Weanling Gala in partnership with Saddle Horse Report will debut a new Performance Incentive Award at the 2016 Morgan Grand National.

“We will payout money to the first foal sired by a Gala nominated stallion from each class year to win a World’s Championship in ANY performance division beginning their two-year-old year, said Gala President Mark Staehnke. “Saddle Horse Report has donated $2,500 that will be added to 100% of the nomination fees for that class year beginning with the foals born in 2014. These foals are much more than pretty babies and it is our mission to promote them in their performance careers as well.” said Staehnke. If more than one horse wins a World Championship, then the purse will be split evenly or if there is no winner, the money will roll forward to the following year until there is a World Champion. 

This will give nominated foals a chance to shine in the performance arena even if they were unable to show in the Gala class as a weanling. “We want to continue to recognize the offspring of Nominated Sires and this Incentive Award will extend those opportunities in both notoriety and payout.” said Staehnke. 

Nominations will work as follows: If a foal shows in the Gala Weanling Class, they are automatically nominated for this award.

If the eligible foal does not compete as a weanling, then they must be nominated by April 30th of their Yearling year, and the nomination fee is $170.00. They can also be nominated as Two-Year-Olds by paying $320.00 by April 30th of that year. In order to jumpstart the program with the Class of 2014, those foals will need to be nominated by April 30, 2016 and pay the introductory fee of $170.00. 

The Gala website and Facebook page will be updated with this information and nomination form along a list of that year’s Nominated Stallions. “All offspring by a Nominated Stallion for that year, is eligible for this award, if they are nominated on the official form, or showed in the Gala as a weanling.” Staehnke reminded. 

“We are very excited to be able to offer what we feel is a very inclusive award that promotes each year’s “pretty babies” as the future “performance powerhouses” that they are. An award like this would not be possible without the continued support of Saddle Horse Report and all of our sponsors. We have them all to thank.” Staehnke said. 

Look for updated stallion nominations, and Incentive award nomination forms on the web site

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