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Morgan Stallion Sweeps to Award $32,000 and Launch 5th Drawing in Northampton

Following a successful raffle for the 2021-2022 Morgan Stallion Sweeps, the program will award $32,000 in prize money in the Two-Year-Old Park Harness Stake at the New England Regional Morgan Horse Show on Thursday, July 28th. The class is open to any registered two-year-old Morgan, prize money will be paid out through 8th place, and results will be announced in reverse order. If there are less than eight entries, prize money will be redistributed, and all will be paid out based on the number of entries.

Ahead of the class, the committee will announce the lineup for the 2022-2023 Morgan Stallion Sweeps. "We are thrilled with the support and excitement the Morgan Stallion Sweeps has garnered," said committee member Steven Handy. "We are looking forward to launching our 2022-2023 lineup, full of 15 incredible stallions and some very exciting opportunities."

The Morgan Stallion Sweeps offers the chance to breed to a top Morgan stallion just for $25. Purchase of a ticket will earn an entry into a drawing for a stallion service. Each stallion will have his own separate drawing and there is no limit as to how many an individual may purchase. To learn more about the Morgan Stallion Sweeps, visit and to learn more about the New England Morgan Horse Show, visit

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