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Morgan Stallion Sweeps Awards $30,000 in Prize Money & Announces 2019-2020 Lineup

On Thursday, July 25, 2019, the Morgan Stallion Sweeps awarded $30,000.00 from the proceeds of their 2018-2019 raffle program to the 2 Year Old Park Harness Stake at the New England Regional Morgan Horse Show. The class was electric and had five top entries vying for their cut of the prize money in the richest performance class in Morgan history. 

The Two Year Old Park Harness Stake Winner was Get Out (Get Busy x CHMH Spice Town Girl GCH) with Dwayne Knowles at the lines for Mike Goebig and Dwayne Knowles earning a check for $11,250.00. The reserve champion was VL Enter the Dragon  (Dragonsmead Sea Dragon x VL ALSGRIA) and Jim Taylor for Dan and Leslie Kelley, earning a check for $6,250.00. Third in the competitive class was Ledyard The Rebel (Man in Black x CBMF Immortal Belle) and Christopher Bernard for Robert & Taylor Severino collecting $4,750.00 in prize money. The Fourth place winner was Get Your Groove On (Get Busy x Queen’s No Mercy) with David Rand on the lines for Kevin Hanna earning $4,250.00 and fifth place went to Nikki Rae Woodworth and Muy Bien (Pondview Tres Bien x Playmor Center of Attention) for Dawn Montgomery earning $3,500. 

Later that evening, the Morgan Stallion Sweeps Committee announced the 2019-2020 lineup consisting of: 

1. Astronomicallee donated by CA Lee III of  CALIII Horses
2. Bazinga donated by Philip & Peggy Alderman of Salem Farm
3. DBA Street Talk donated by James Sebring of Sebring Stables
4. Dragonsmeade Axios donated by the Fu Family of Dragonsmeade
5. Dragonsmeade Spectre donated by the Fu Family of Dragonsmeade
6. Dressed Up GCH donated by Beth Koller & Glenn T Werry of Donegal Hill Farms
7. Futurity French Command donated by Rick Lane of Cabot Morgans
8. Graycliff Tony GCH donated by Russell, Roseann & Hannah McBain
9. Get Busy donated by Kathleen Gutting
10. Liquid Assets donated by George Schott of Maine Event Morgans
11. Minion Millennium donated by Roxanne Sardelli Greenway of Sarde Morgans
12. Nobility donated by George Schott of Maine Event Morgans
13. Stonecroft Masquerade donated by John Scheidt of Stonecroft Farm
14. Stand And Deliver GCH donated by Tara Good of Thornwood Morgans
15. Town Assets donated by Lynn Peeples of Lynn Peeples Stables 

Tickets can be purchased for $25 per ticket online at or by connecting with a committee member including: Jenny Taylor, Tim Roesink, Lynn Peeples, Peggy Alderman, Steven Handy, Amanda Hill, or John Lampropolous. Each stallion has his own raffle and the stud fee has been donated for use in 2020 or 2021. The proceeds of the raffle will support Morgan breeding and will be used as added prize money at the 2020 New England Regional Morgan Horse Show. 

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